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You Wouldn’t Think “STEW” Would Be Hilarious Would Ya? But wait!!!!

Foist…oops….sorry…..I wuz watchin’ a Mafia movie. Um, but first, an update on my “Lamebrain” donation blog I wrote a few days ago (1/2)…….and I have been in limbo since then…..jussssst to see if any of the 1,000 plus people who … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law…..Applied To Being Married Or In A Relationship.

Ya know, it’s not as easy as you think writing a daily blog. Oh sure, all of you think it’s a piece of cake. Well I’ve got news for you Einsteins. It’s not!! Unless you live with a woman who’s … Continue reading

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Kathy Griffin Strips On TV……”AGAIN!” Check Your Local Listings For More.

Kathy Griffin, comedian and prospective promoter of underwear accessories once again stripped on national television. This time on the “David Letterman Show.” You may recall that she also stripped on New Year’s Eve while co host Anderson Cooper stood by … Continue reading

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