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The Mysterious Belly Button Caper.

Today’s burning question: Why do Adam and Eve have belly buttons in a lot of paintings? OK…….like I’m surfing da web and what catches my eye? No, not a naked woman. Um….WAIT! It WAS a naked woman, BUT, had nothing … Continue reading

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It’s “Columbus Day.” Honoring Peter Falk Of Course.

(A reprise of my Columbus Day blog from last year) Oops…sorry, I got that wrong. “Columbus Day” does not honor Peter Falk who played “Columbo” on that TV series. BUT…I bet if ya ask a bunch of today’s school kids … Continue reading

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At The Vatican,The Butler Did It! Where’s Detective Columbo When Ya Need Him?

Alas, detective Columbo, (Peter Falk) has gone on to solve other major crimes, or sins, up in Heaven. BUT…if he were still with us here on earth, he most likely would have been called in to participate in the latest … Continue reading

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Do Ya Think The Pope Follows Me On Twitter?

Ok, I’m the first to admit that I really do not have a lot of followers on Twitter. It’s not like I’m a huge celebrity or something.  I think my last count of followers was 26, which is kind of … Continue reading

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