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From Politics To Pubic Hair. Sorrreeee, My Mind Tends To Wander.

So, it was a very boring day for me. Had an appointment with my butt doc to have my yearly prostate exam. Nice visit considering the bend over part was quick and painless. I often wonder how many butts a … Continue reading

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OMG!!! God Is A Woman!!!! Boy Are We Guys In Serious Trouble.

(photo) Father John Michael O’Neal claims God is a woman First of all the story line I stumbled upon while surfing the Internet from a site called, “The Controversial Files.” (excerpts from their article are in quotes. These > “” … Continue reading

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Going To The Dentist Can Be Fun. And A Bit Titillating

Ya gotta hand it to the Taiwanese when it comes to dealing with how to solve a problem when it comes to going to a dentist. Mainly that pain thing. Along with actually convincing yourself to go to a dentist … Continue reading

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Babies Do WHAT In The Womb? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The MW…”FFFFA” Award.

There are just some things I┬ájust do NOT wanna know. First on my list is what a doctor sees when he’s sticking that camera up my butt during a colonoscopy. Second on my list involves almost the same procedure, which … Continue reading

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Colonoscopies Can Be Fun….Yeah Right!

I frankly think that when your doctor says to you that you need to have a colonoscopy it’s mainly because he’s bored. Or, he doesn’t quite like you that much. Might even be an underlying reason like he just wanted … Continue reading

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