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I Hate To Keep Hopping On Boobs, (not literally) But WTF Is It With New York City and Boobs?

Apparently, according to an article by AP reporter Catherine Rampell, New York City has a biggggg problem with boobs. No, not the ones that you run into asking for a handout, but the ones Playboy Magazine would be out of … Continue reading

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Sex Scandals. HEY! It’s All Women’s Fault For Cripes Sake!

Look, ya can’t go around blaming men for getting involved in all these sex scandals. Sure, blame Anthony Weiner for showing his wiener on the Internet and Twittering it all over the place. Blame Bill Clinton for freeing little Willie … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber: Hey Kid….Give Me A Freakin’ Break Will Ya!!!!

Fellow blogger J. Roycroft recently commented on his blog about Justin Bieber’s meltdown which required him to check himself into a hospital for a photo shoot with his underwear exposed and his hand inching down towards his crotch. (photo below) … Continue reading

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Architect Claims Mayans Moved To Georgia

The revelation by architect and sometimes researcher Richard Thornton that the Mayans,…yes….the same Mayans who are driving us nutso with their “end of the world” prediction, has raised some eyebrows, including possibly those of Sam Waterston, (check out his eyebrows) … Continue reading

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