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Days You Should Be Celebrating In December…..besides the (duh) obvious ones

The “obvious” ones being um….er……(sorry, due to “political correctness I am not allowed to use the word “Christmas”) WAIT!!!! I just did. Ah….f**k it……the obvious days are Christmas and New Years. Screw you politically correct assholes…..oh…..and have a happy holiday. … Continue reading

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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel…except at Hallmark

You’ve all heard by now the story of how Hallmark shot itself while wearing a gay apparel sweater ornament. It went something like this: Once upon a time there was a card company that everybody loved. Every year at Christmas … Continue reading

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OMG!!! I Need, I Must Have These Christmas Toys. Ohhhh, Thank You Kimberley.

If you have a Facebook account you really need to friend Kimberley A. Johnson. She’ll either piss you off, make you fall in love with her, or, show you some neat things, like these new Christmas toys that you could … Continue reading

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Checking My List, Um…Checking It Twice…..Hmmm…..Maybe A Few Times.

Were you naughty or were you nice? Doesn’t matter, I didn’t buy you anything. So tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Have I finished all of my Christmas shopping….NO! Why? Because it’s really agonizing deciding what to buy for everyone. I’m not … Continue reading

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