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New Emojis!!!!! Hmmmmmm……

Before long all of us will not have to speak one single word. More and more of us are using emojis to express our thoughts and feelings……..in other “words”, or not, back to where it all began…………. Yep, we’re regressing … Continue reading

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The Drought Is Over……..FINALLY….An Idiot Steps Forward.

When it comes to spotting an idiot….normally this image comes to mind first………….However, a female CEO in Dallas, Texas, (the political brain pool of America) has joined the endless list of idiots by creating a controversy after she said…..(get ready … Continue reading

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Late Night TV Movies Can Drive Ya Nuts!

Ok, here’s the scenario. Which I’m sure most of you have encountered at one time or another. Television programs late late at night for the most part suck. I’m talking about the early morning hours say like between 2 am … Continue reading

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Will Middle Class People Be Phased Out? Or Simply Be Zoo Attractions?

I’m really beginning to worry about the divide between the wealthy and middle class.  Now I consider myself to be borderline middle class. Which is good considering I never really fit into any class when I was attending high school.  … Continue reading

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