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It’s Thursday. I’m Kinda Down. Um…Think I Need A Shot Of Rock and Roll

Soooo many bad news stories, and sooooo little time for the media to remind us of what a terrible world we live in. And, as we all know, it’s all Obama’s fault. So, let’s have a bigggggggggggg cheer for the … Continue reading

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Gawd I Miss Those Erotic LP Covers…………

Where could you buy erotic art under the guise of innocently buying music that you were into? A record store. Yep….you could purchase erotic art in a record store. They were called “LP Album Covers.” If you were into erotic … Continue reading

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SEX,SEX,SEX,…..Um…Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. “I” do NOT write these constant articles about sex. Other people do. I just expand on it a bit……when it’s a slow news day. AND, as I’ve said many times before, it sure … Continue reading

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