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Pardon Me While I Butt In On All This Butt Stuff. (photos) Not for the faint of heart….or butt.

First, to set the tone for today’s blog…..introducing Troglodyte and The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Thank you…thank you…no applause necessary. So by now, if you watched those videos courtesy of YouTube, you’ve concluded that today’s blog is about butts. Butt…or….but, it’s … Continue reading

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A Few Comments on “Parade Magazine’s What People Earn.” Me not being one of them.

If I actually were earning anything from writing this idiotic daily blog I might have made it on “Parade Magazine’s” annual list of “What People Earn.” BUT…I don’t earn anything, which begs the question, then why the f**k do I … Continue reading

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Beyonce Lip Synced !!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OM…um…..(yawn)

Now let me see if I understand this. BeyoncĂ© sang at the President’s inaugural and she may or may not have, (technically) lip synced the National Anthem. I say “technically” because even though it was pre-recorded she still “technically” sang … Continue reading

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