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EXPOSE’ The Real Life Barbie. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may all by now, it doesn’t take much to get me off on a tangent, or start writing a blog that I was inspired to write by observing what someone, usually of the same demented mind-set as me, … Continue reading

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Oops….Here Come More Blonde Jokes…..soreeeeeee!

I have no idea why blondes get a bad rap for being blondes. You know, like all of those blonde jokes like: Or……… Blonde Joke Two blondes were sitting in front of the television watching the late news. The TV … Continue reading

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Barbie Nude? Oops..Nope, It’s Model Katie Halchishik……BUT!

Yeah, I knew you’d be looking at today’s blog the minute I mentioned that Barbie might be nude? Damn perverts. Actually, I’m right up there with ya because I clicked on the article that had the word “nude” and “Barbie” … Continue reading

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