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Pablo Picasso Would Be Rolling In His Grave After Being Censored By Fox News

    (Above: Picasso’s 1955 painting “Women of Algiers” with boobs and butts censored by Fox News and the uncensored painting on the right) Soooooo, let me see if  understand this. A painting by Pablo Picasso, better known to his … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Afford To Get High On Pot……You Blog…..DAMN!

No, I’m NOT going to get sucked back into writing a daily blog every single day. But, that said, which I just did, I’ve decided in lieu of just getting stoned every day on some really good weed, which I … Continue reading

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Tattoos: Subtitled: “But Grandma What Big Tats You Have”

It’s been a mother lode of useless information at “Time Magazine” this week. An eight page article on why we should all move to Texas. Other than to hunt down Ted Cruz and slap him silly. A story on women … Continue reading

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Who Nude That Nude Art Of Nude Men Would Be Nudes? Um…News I Mean.

Now as far as I’m concerned if a local museum said that they were going to have a presentation of art depicting various artwork of nude men, I thinkith that it would NOT be on my list of things to … Continue reading

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WHAT!!! There’s Another Mona Lisa? Does Mr. Lisa Know?

YES! Big news out of Geneva folks. A second Mona Lisa has been discovered. Well, actually a second Mona Lisa painting, and not the actual Mona Lisa, who, I assume has been dearly departed for many years. First, a look … Continue reading

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