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Holy Cow! Literally! Guess What The Hottest Item Is On Amazon and eBay.

If you’re one of those people who like to get in on the latest hot selling items, get out your credit cards and head for Amazon or eBay. Boy have I got the tip of the century for ya. Honest! … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Drop Dead WHAT On My Freakin’ House?

Obviously there’s a lot of concern lately about drones. NOT the government drones, but the ones that Amazon is thinking about using to deliver packages. “Look Out Martha…it’s one of dem Amazon drones deliverin’ our new fridge. MARTHA!  MARTHA! Damn! … Continue reading

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Sooooo, Ya Wanna Be A Writer. Me Too. But First…………………..

For me, writing seems to come somewhat easy. I believe my talent for writing a blog each and every day stems from my childhood when I was heavily into graffiti writing, mostly in junior and high school restrooms.  Which no … Continue reading

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