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Milestone: The 2000th MisfitWisdom Blog

Forescore and seven years ago, um, skip the “forescore” part,…..seven years ago the MisfitWisdom blog was created. Today’s blog is the 2000th episode of writing nonsense because that’s how my brain works. Like many of you, Internet trolls included, who … Continue reading

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What Happens To A Bloggers Mind (mine) When It Turns To Mush

What happens is that you sit in front of your computer and think of strange things to write about. Nothing that would interest anyone reading my blog, but of interest to only the writer…namely me. So, if ya wanna bail … Continue reading

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Fearless Fosdick. Where Are Ya When We Need You?

Every so often useless information pops into my brain for no apparent reason. Usually I just dismiss it and go on with whatever I was doing. Which is usually nothing, because I lead a very dull life. But, once in … Continue reading

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