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So Long A-Rod…..We’ll Miss Ya…..Kinda

Today New York Yankees great Alex Rodriquez announced that he will be playing his last and final game for the New York Yankees next Friday at Yankee Stadium. If you watched the news conference it was a very emotional Rodriquez … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable Hot Dog Ketchup Scandal

In the course of my useless non productive life and careers I have had the pleasure of being fired for a number of things. Most of them because I was too creative for my time, which always led a lot … Continue reading

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Scientists Claims Head Transplants Possible: Walt Disney, Ted Williams, Call Home.

If you already don’t know, I’ll fill ya in. When Walt Disney died some years ago, legend has it that his instructions were that his head be saved by freezing it, (cryonics)¬†and stored in a box somewhere. Umn, technically that’s … Continue reading

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OMG!!! History Was Made. MLB Fired An Umpire!!!! Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OUT!!!!

YES! It’s true. A Major League baseball umpire was called OUT!! I bet they even deballed him. OMG!! There IS a God. How many times baseball fans have you wanted to take a two by four and whack the livin’ … Continue reading

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