Reprise Sunday: Kathy Griffin……..No……not anything to do with a severed Trump head.

Yes, we’ve all been subjected to the Earth shattering event involving Kathy Griffin this past week when she held up a severed head of Donald Trump. (not the real Donald’s head) Sometimes ya have to make these things perfectly clear. You know, fake news and all.

Soooo,  I decided to once again go back in time to June of 2014 when I wrote a blog about Kathy posing nude. I’m sure she’d like to go back in time as well before all this recent controversy.

Me too. Only because I recently went through major surgery, lost 13 pounds, and now I can no longer accept Kathy’s offer to pose nude with her. If she offered me that option of course.

And not because I have an old sagging body, but, losing 13 pounds, if I stood sideways you wouldn’t be able to see me. (sigh)

Anyhow, from June 2014…………………

OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! O-M-F-G!!!!! Kathy Griffin Poses Nude!!!!


Yes! It’s true! It’s true! YES!! Yes! Almost as exciting as when Cloris Leachman admitted that Dr. Frankenstein was her…(gasp) BOYFRIEND!!! (clip below)

This was the headline from the “Huffington Post.”

Kathy Griffin Poses Nude For Glamorous Poolside Photo Shoot


Yes…it’s true. But, um, there was no mention as to where those photos will appear that were taken by celebrity photographer (lucky devil) Tyler Shields.

But, lucky us, we have two of them thanks to the “Huffington Post” and the wonderful World Wide Web.

Griffin has been of recent, a co-host on New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper. You may recall that one moment last year when she pulled a surprising move on live TV and showed some skin much to the surprise of Anderson, who grabbed a quickly made sign to remind Kathy of her promise.griffin14

Now Kathy is 53, but, to me, still looks great. However, there are the usual trolls out there, and, I found this one for ya.

McFeely Smackup  (trolls apparently actual name)

“Ok, I get it. Famous chicks get old and want to prove they’re still sexy by posing nude while they never wanted to pose nude when they were young enough that anybody wanted to see it. But all they’re doing is proving that no, 55-year-old women are not sexy.

We can pat ourselves on the back and hold in the screams and say “wow, she looks great for her age”…but just know that the last three words qualifying that statement are Orwellian grade Doublespeak for “put your goddamn clothes on granny!”

Yeah….put yer damn clothes on granny and…………………


Um……P-p-p-put y-y-y-your….um….er……


Is McFeely Smackup outta his freakin’ mind or what!

If this is what grannies look like nude I’m gathering up a basket of cookies and heading for grandma’s house and calling myself Little Red Riding Misfit.

“But grandma, what big boobs you have!”

Griffin has been known to flash skin on occasion minus Anderson Cooper. I dunno, maybe she just gets hot a lot or is subject to hot flashes or something.


Or maybe it’s just that she’s an exhibitionist. How else do ya explain that she’s half-naked while painting.


Um, maybeeee not. I’ve painted half-naked too. Only to save ruining clothes of course.

Kathy of course isn’t the only celebrity to pose nude. But, she’s sure one of the few celebrities that have posed nude who are over the age 50. And who still looks great. And if that troll guy thinks she’s granny looking, here’s a reality check for him on what a half-naked granny looks like……surely not like Kathy.

(I know, don’t call you Shirley)


If you said euwwwwwwwwww……..guess what. That photo above is of award-winning actress Helin Merrin, (68) without makeup but a granny and a hot one.

Here’s Helen with makeup:mirren5

So, I personally think Kathy looks fantastic. Of course any woman naked, half-naked, semi naked, or naked and just breathing looks great to me. Granny or no granny.

Gotta go….off to grandma’s house……

Um, maybeeeee not

Kathy…..calll me…..quick!!!!

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1 Response to Reprise Sunday: Kathy Griffin……..No……not anything to do with a severed Trump head.

  1. Harry Hamid says:

    It’s an easy insult, on the internet, for some guy to anonymously insult someone as old (or fat, or whatever). I really wouldn’t want every woman on Earth to be a 21-year old female, and human variety is much more interesting than that.

    Not crazy about Kathy, but she should have as much freedom as anyone else to go where the Muse takes her… preferably not to the point of posing with a Trump head, but you know what I mean!

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