I Was Freakin’ 100% Correct When I Wrote This Blog

Yep……(patting myself on the back, which is not easy to do, but I will anyway)
Back on February 17, 2016 I wrote the following blog:

Playboy Magazine Just F**KED Themselves…….AND….No Nudity Was Involved Either.


Titillating but…no tits…(soreeeeeee….couldn’t pass up on that one)

For once the dog is right.....

For once the dog is right…..


Yep….for the most part, sex involves nudity. I SAID……for the most part.

There ARE exceptions, but I’m not gonna go there.

Instead I’m gonna go to Playboy Magazine, who, since the beginning of time, um, well, at least since the beginning of MY time, has always featured nudity in their magazine. I believe “MY TIME” began in 1956 when Playboy featured Marilyn Monroe as their first nude layout.playboy marilyn cover

Soooo, fast forward to 2016 when Playboy, in all of its infinite wisdom decided to drop nudity altogether.


So, what do you wind up with? A glorified spinoff of “Maxim” and “Esquire” magazines.

As Steven Colbert of Comedy Central said on one of his shows with regard to reading Playboy, “Now men can really say they’re reading it strictly for the articles.”


Articles? What articles?

Now all that said, which I just did, I completely understand that many of you will have differing opinions. BUT….because this is MY blog and this is MY opinion, deal with it.

Now why do I personally think Playboy is, pardon the expression, “f**ked?”

Well, simple, it WAS a classy men’s magazine that yes, had nudity within its pages, which, if you are a male, contributed to the enjoyment of reading the magazine. Not only for the nudity, which I might add was always in good taste, (no hard-core stuff) but YES….YES…..for, (believe it or not) the articles, which were cutting edge and very informative.

Sure, when I was a mere child, and had no access to boobs, like every teenager, or younger, I would rip off a copy of Playboy, scurry back to my bedroom and ogle the photos. I really didn’t give a rats ass at that age WTF else was in the magazine. As did most of my friends as well.

But, as I grew older I truly enjoyed the articles, cartoons, interviews, jokes, finding the hidden Playboy rabbit logo and yes, the nudity.


At Hef’s age….I actually believe him

Again….”the nudity” was the keystone of Playboy for many years and perhaps its attraction.

It’s like having the main character from one of your favorite TV shows leave. It’s never really the same.

And men, let’s face it, all of us, me included, fantasize about women naked. The nature of the beast. Us being the beasts.

And, we all (men) fantasize about our favorite celebrities naked. Go ahead, deny it, and if ya do, you’re a freakin’ liar.

Playboy fulfilled those fantasies by allowing us to actually see some of those celebrities in the buff. Tastefully of course. And yes, airbrushed, as in some celebrities who were past their prime, such as Nancy Sinatra, Terry Moore, etc.

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

I myself have opted not to renew my subscription to Playboy. My way of protesting that stupid move to eliminate nudity. Do they actually think their decision to eliminate nudity is going to attract more subscribers? I thinkith notith.

Are there any other options? Not really. I mentioned Maxim and Esquire but I much preferred Playboy. So, now I’m relegated to just being titillated, (love that word) by AARP Magazine. (sigh)

Just shoot me now.....

Just shoot me now…..

One final point here. I acknowledge the fact that on any give moment one can go on the Internet and find any kind of nudity they want to. If you’re into that stuff. But, those sites are strictly nudity with absolutely no class at all.

Playboy Magazine had class. Now that the corporate dummies have taken over they may still have “class” but in dumping the “in good taste nudity” will pay the price. The “price” being that no one in their right mind is gonna pay the “price” for their magazine to get the same thing you can get in Esquire or Maxim.

Remember that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

 Fast forward to today February 13, 2017 AD
Sooooooooo. guess what my fine (nude) feathered friends.booby bird bra
Playboy Is Bringing Back Nudity a Year After Pledging to Stop Publishing Naked Pictorials

Playboy is returning to its original form. (patting myself on the back again)

Here’s today’s news release:

The magazine announced that nudity will, again, be featured on its pages on Monday – starting with the March/April 2017 issue, titled Naked Is Normal.

Chief Creative Officer Connor Hefner – the 25-year-old son of Hugh Hefner – simultaneously tweeted, “I’ll be the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but removing it entirely was a mistake. Nudity was never the problem because nudity isn’t a problem. Today, we’re taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are.”

In fall 2015, then-Playboy CEO Scott Flanders announced that the magazine would no longer publish nude photoshoots of women.

Cory Jones, chief content officer of Playboy, told the New York Times that the nudity-free makeover was meant to make the magazine “a little more accessible, a little more intimate.”

Hefner, 90, first published Playboy in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover and in risqué photos inside. In the years that followed, Playboy became known for its full-frontal pictorials.

RELATED VIDEO: Kendra Wilkinson Isn’t Hiding Her Playboy Past From Her Kids

The new return to nudity won’t be quite as NSFW, though, with the March/April issue only displaying breasts and butts, according to the New York Post.

Elizabeth Elam is the March/April cover star. She was photographed by Gavin Bond for the issue, which is on newsstands now.

Now, after once again patting myself on the back for being soooooo right, if I could only predict Wednesday’s Powerball numbers.

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