Beam Me Up Scotty…..Before I Lose It.


Yep, for the most part I have been a very rational person all of my life. Cept for that one time I posed for “Playgirl Magazine” when I was a disc jockey on a dare. Still don’t know where those pics are. I suspect if I ever ran for political office they’d surface.

But, doesn’t matter, because, 1. I’m NEVER gonna run for any political office because I have such a disdain for politicians that I’d never wanna be one. And 2. Even if I did run for office, as Donald Trump once said, “I could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and they’d still love me.” So WTF would a few naked pics mean in today’s political environment. Nada.

But, that said, I have to once again go to two things that got my goat this week. That is if I actually had a goat, which I do not, but if I did have one, it would get to him as well.

'Your Honor, the witness is just trying to get my goat.'

First, Hillary Clinton’s comment that Trump supporters are, to condense it a bit, really off the wall. Now she got a lot of flack for that for saying 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are close to be being insane. (my interpretation of what she meant)

And, to put it in perspective a bit, here’s an editorial cartoon to sum it up:trump-supports-clinton

Now I wouldn’t have gone so far as to say 1/2 but for sure a lot of them. For instance, take this event in Ashville, North Carolina this past week:trump-cold-cock-lady

69-Year-Old Says She Was ‘Cold-Cocked’ by Trump Supporter During Protest (VIDEO)
— Mediaite (@Mediaite) September 14, 2016

“Speaking to local WLOF, Shirly Teter, a 69-year-old senior citizen was part of a group of protesters at a Trump campaign event in Ashville, North Carolina. While the protest was described as “peaceful,” supporters of the former host of “The Apprentice” confronted the group, and that’s when the situation took a turn for the worse. Teter explained that the last thing she remembered was being heckled by a Trump supporter, to which she replied “you better learn to speak Russian,” or something similar. It was at this time that Teter was “cold-clocked,” and knocked down to the ground, landing directly on her oxygen tank in the process. Various arrests were made at the event, but it was unknown if Teter’s attacker was one of them.”

Yes there are loose cannons out there. Which is why Hillary made that statement. Deny it if you wish, but the facts speak for themselves. You cannot carry on a civil discussion about either candidate without someone smacking ya or resorting to vile comments. Perhaps why this is the worst presidential campaign I have ever seen in my lifetime, and hopefully the last with respect to the conduct of some people.beam5

A few people have asked me why I support Hillary. My one word response……”experience.”

Do I personally give a huge rats ass about her health, her e-mails, the Benghazi witch hunt, Bill Clinton’s blow job, or that she doesn’t smile enough? F**k no. WTF has that got to do with who is the most qualified to be in the oval office?

Or….to use Republicans favorite 1/2 cut off Benghazi quote: “What difference does it make” (cut end off quote)

Now all that said, which I just did, if you want to vote for someone like Trump because you absolutely hate Hillary and THAT’S the bottom line. Fine. Your vote, your choice. And I’m NOT going to down you for that as this is a free country. (last time I checked) So vote your hearts out on election day.

But, to resort to name calling, lies, and slapping people around…..totally unacceptable. If you disagree with me, then you DO fall into that category of people that Hillary was talking about in her comment.beam9

Personally, I will not lower myself to those deplorable standards. The election process has worked fine for years. The only exception was when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of George Bush over Al Gore when Gore received the popular vote. But, hey, that’s ancient history and I’m not going to dwell on that.

It, so far, has been a he said she said campaign unlike all others. There is no civility, no common sense, no respect for the system or the facts for that mater. Facts do not exist or mean anything anymore. It’s the sound bites and the slurs and the lies that matter. How sad.

So when I say, “Beam Me Up Scotty” I actually wish that were possible. At least until this whole election nightmare is over and done with.

I find it hard to write a blog with humor when so much hatred surrounds us on this 24/7/365 negative news down your throat reporting. And all networks and news media outlets are responsible for all this hatred as well. They do not and should not get a free pass.

And editorial cartoonists as well who will either piss you off because their slamming your candidate, regardless of the validity of their point. Examples:Trump University




So, as a humor writer, and a very logical person, I’m kinda upset at what I am witnessing. So much so that my blog posts have been not as consistent as I’d like them to be because I fail to see a lot of humor they way things are going, or, more likely a reason, as I stated earlier, you can’t logically have a discussion on politics and state facts, and that depresses me.beam2

To my blog readers, bear with me. I will from time to time find something humorous to cheer you up, but not as much as I’d like to. Perhaps after all this is over in November I’ll be back on track.

In the meantime, you can always go to the MisfitWisdom archives to enlighten your day, and on occasion I might drop in and find something humorous to write about, excluding politics.

Thanks for your support…..hang in there.

(For an in depth insight, should you actually care, go to “The National Memo” and read this article:

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