Hey Daddy-O, Dig This Cool Trip To The Past

Or....freakin' AAAAAAAAAAA

Or….freakin’ A

Every generation has their own slang lingo. Which is one reason I can’t understand anyone who speaks slang today. Cause I have no freakin’ idea WTF they’re talkin’ about.

Kinda like when some of us were younger and had our own version of slang speak, as I like to call it, and drove our parents absolutely nutso.

So, being kinda curious, I went back in time to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s via the MisfitWisdom time machine, borrowed from Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown, (Back To The Future) and dug up some cool cat phrases………cool cat being one of them. It was a real “gas” remembering some of them. Gas being another one. Which meant……a lot of fun. Not farting.


“Remember Marty……..if you need more gas while going back in time there’s a few cans of Bush’s Beans behind the seat.”

So, with that, let us begin Daddy-O…………………

“Ape” used with “go” “gone” or “went” meant you were going nuts.

“Ball” meant to have a party, as in Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Molly, She Like To Ball.” Which, if put into context today, Miss Molly would be having sex. Then again, who knows what Little Richard really meant back then.

You decide……………..

“Beat Feet” meant getting the hell outta wherever your were. Like maybe ripping off Playboy or Penthouse magazines at your local store and beating feet. Then later beating…um….er…..neverrrr mind. (only guys will catch that)

“Boss” meant something was really great or cool. Unlike today when boss means the guy who tells ya what to do and is totally uncool.

To “bug out” meant to leave the premises. No can of RAID needed.

Another version of bugging out

Another version of bugging out

If you were depressed it was a real “bummer.” Bummers, for the most part do not exist today thanks to our friendly pharmaceutical companies. Unless you can’t afford those drugs, then, I guess, you may be totally bummed out.

If you were a wimp, sissy, nerd, or uncool you were called a “candyass.” Hmmmm…….come to think of it, if you went with a real hot babe I guess candyass could be applied there as well. Just sayin.’

Which leads us to the word “chick” which obviously meant a baby chicken. Um….oops…no…soreeee, back then it meant a girl or woman.

Also very hot....

Also very hot….

Now this next one “chrome dome” was what, as a kid, you called a bald guy. Unfortunately as I was calling bald guys chrome domes little did I know I would eventually become one too. (sigh)

A “church key” was NOT a key you used to get into a church after hours. It was and still is in some instances, is what you used to open a beer or soda can before pop tops were invented.

“Cooties” were some sort of crawly flea type thingy that you got but no one ever really saw one, so it was kind of debatable as to if they really existed. The cooties or anyone who had them. BUT………I actually had “ONE.” Um….the game that is.

Cootie box cover and cootie body parts

Cootie box cover and cootie body parts

My all time favorite slang phrase back then, along with every other red-blooded teenage boy was “cop a feel.” No you idiot…….not feeling up a cop. Unless that’s your thing. To “cop a feel” meant you were touching a girl’s body part….usually boobs. Mostly because they were the easiest part to cop a feel. Then get whacked.

“Cruising” was driving up and down the street of your town looking for “chicks” with the radio blasting so you’d look cool. In my case, trying to look cool in a 49 De Soto (pictured below) wasn’t necessarily the kind of car one would attract chicks in while other guys were behind you in Corvettes and Thunderbirds.


Damn De Soto

If you were called a “dip stick” it meant you were an idiot.

Now today if someone calls ya “dude” it’s cool. Back then in the 60’s it meant you were a geek or a panty waist. Which is why I still call people I know of my age dudes. (heh heh)dude1

A “fink” was a tattle tale. Today its Edward Snowden or Julian Assange.

Which, is the same as a “ratfink,”…….which was also from decades ago……

The basic ratfink

The basic ratfink

“Five Finger Discount” was anything you obtained by stealing it. My five-finger discounts back then were Playboy Magazines, Penthouse Magazines and an occasional condom.

And instead of “right on” when we liked something or agreed with someone it was “f**kin’ A.”

Of course, still in effect today is the slang word for the police. “The Fuzz.”fuzz1

“Gimmie some skin” was to shake hands with someone. Although I had different thought back then about what skin “I” was thinking about. (perv thoughts)

This next one can be found in a gazillion rock and roll songs. “Go Cat Go.” It meant you were encouraging someone to go faster or harder.

Today…if you have a cat it means………………cat bathroom

A “greaser”was a guy that used way too much grease or wax in his hair. Yep….guys did that back then. Cept for me of course. Why? The De Soto problem. Ya can’t look like a real cool greaser driving a 49 De Soto. Damn car.

“Hacked”meant angry, disgusted, mad, ticket or pissed off. Today its computers being hacked, which, when ya think about it, fits right in with being angry, disgusted, mad, ticked or pissed off. More so maybe.

If you were accused by your parents of getting into “hanky panky” stuff they were accusing you of mischievous sexual activity….usually. And 99.9% of the time they were right.

Which also gives me an excuse to do the Hanky Panky thanks to Tommy James and the Shondells.

“Jacked up” did not mean you were under the covers in bed or in the bathroom with a girlie magazine and doing you know what. (I plead the 5th on this one) It meant to raise the front end of your car so you’d have more weight on the rear wheels so you could drag race. Um…couldn’t do that with a 49 De Soto so ya know what “I” was jacking up. Damn car.

Ah yes……still around today, “knocked up.” Meant your girlfriend was pregnant. Could also refer to the phrase “daddy-o” as what was coming next for ya pal.

And we all “made out” which was a heavy petting or kissing session in the back seat of your car usually at a drive-in or a secluded place. (NOTE) If you’re younger than 30 look up WTF a “drive-in” was.

We all know what to “moon” someone was.

Obviously an “old lady” was your mother and an “old man” was your father. Which, if you’re now over the age of 30, you’ve become. Congrats.

“Outta Sight” did not mean you were blind as a bat. Rather, you were awesome, what you were wearing was awesome, or what you did was awesome.

Now for those of you who didn’t bother to look up what a drive-in was, I’ve given you a photo below of one. Which was called by teenagers, a “passion pit.” No explanation needed.

The drive-in movie part

The drive-in movie part

The drive-in movie passion pit

The drive-in movie passion pit part

A “rat fink” is the same as a “fink” only worse when the rat part was added. I myself use this term a lot when talking about politicians.

“Raunchy” was something raw, disgusting or rank. Like your clothes you gave your mother to wash after you’ve worn them for a week. It was also a hit instrumental back then by Bill Justis.

“Real Gone Cat” was not a cat that you had that went missing. It meant someone who marched to his own drummer. In other words, you were strange or weird. I think I may have fit into that category at some point during my teenage years. Then again, I WAS still driving that damn De Soto.

If you “scored” and you “scored” big time it meant you made it all the way to first base with a girl. This had nothing to do with baseball.

A “skag” was the slang word for an ugly girl. Now truthfully, I can’t EVER remembering using that term for any girl I knew. Then again, (sigh) still driving that 49 De Soto I couldn’t be picky. Why blow my chances of ever getting a girl and scoring big time.

Closely resembling the above slang word was “slut” which is still in use today. Of course it means a promiscuous girl if you were a teenager. If you’re an adult today insert the word “woman” for girl. Works in both instances I guess.

Sometimes sluts were easy to spot.....

Sometimes sluts were easy to spot…..usually the way they dressed

Sometimes not so easy to spot by the way they dressed

Sometimes not so easy to spot by the way they dressed


Back then I didn’t really know any sluts either. Come to think of it, by the time I actually did meet an honest to goodness certified  bona fide slut was when I was in the Army and stationed in Germany and didn’t have any money to pay for her services. Damn!

Another one of my favorite slang words was “stacked.” Meaning a girl was well endowed. (boobs) Today, at my age (dinosaur) “stacked” means going to Denny’s and getting a stack of pancakes. “Holy shit dear, lookit at all these pancakes I got for $1.99…..boy are they stacked.” Doesn’t take much to excite me.

“Submarine Races” were when you went parking with your girl at the beach and made out. Personally, having been there and done that, I can attest to the fact that in all the time I did that I never once saw a submarine.

Caution, Falling Bras.

“Swapping Spit’ was getting a “French Kiss.” (tongue factor)

Ah yes….still in effect today, “The Bird.”finger1

Need I say more?

Back then “thongs” you wore on your feet. Now they’re on your crotch. Go figure.

AND….back then “trollin’ was once again, cruising the street looking for chicks. Today trollin’ refers to a bunch of low lives on the Internet spreading hate and discontent. Most likely because they’re driving a beat up 1976 pickup truck, are really “raunchy” looking people who haven’t showered in days and still have last weeks clothes on so they have no lives to speak of. Well trolls…………………. at least you’re not driving a 49 De Soto.

And, to end today’s blog of slang words from long ago, “Wipe’d Out.” Which meant to fall off your surf board or to crash your vehicle while drag racing.

Or…in my case……..freakin’ wiped out writing all this stuff that my eyeballs are glossed over and I’m now totally depressed thinking about that #*!$@ 49 DeSoto. I’M totally wipe’d out dude.

(for the complete list of slang terms should you care to regress to an earlier time in life go to http://www.cougartown.com)

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