Days You Should, Or Could, Celebrate in September


Once again, as a public service to those of us who have absolutely no lives to speak of whatsoever, an opportunity to at least waste your time by celebrating some of these special days in the month of September.

Hey….if you’re gonna waste your lives away might as well waste it doing something till ya buy the farm.

First celebrations that are all month long. So basically if you choose one of the next few monthly celebrations it’ll kinda like being on a bender.

First, September is “Classical Music Month.” Yawn…um….sorry Beethoven.

Beethoven's unwanted overture.

Probably Beethoven’s 5th………..attempt

One of the more uplifting monthly celebrations is “Hispanic Heritage Month.” I would assume that bullfighting is among one of activities here.

There’s also “International Square Dancing Month.”

You DO NOT have to be a square to participate….but it does help.

Spongebob Squarepants square dancing

Spongebob Squarepants square dancing

September is also “National Courtesy Month.”  Be nice to everyone you meet during the entire month. Then in October you can tell them to go f**k off.

Common courtesy within the animal kingdom

Common courtesy within the animal kingdom during the month of September

And finally, to round out our monthly celebrations, “Chicken Month.”

Ah feel yer pain......

Ah feel yer pain……

Ok, onward.

You’ve probably never heard of Emma M. Nutt. BUT……September 1st is dedicated to Ms. Nutt as it is “Emma M. Nutt Day.” Who was Ms. Nutt. Well FYI Ms. Nutt was the very first woman telephone operator. You may recall her on the old TV program “Laugh In.”

Ok…OK…that wasn’t Ms. Nutt. But, I bet she came close to resembling Lily Tomlin. (below)

Would this be the party to whom I am speaking?

Would this be the party to whom I am speaking?

“International Bacon Day” is on…………..



Um…..excusssssssse me. I was about to say that September 2nd is “International Bacon Day” when I was so rudely interrupted. Cripes!



Also, the 2nd of the month is “V J Day.” Remember Alfred Eisenstadt’s iconic photo taken in Times Square on that day…….kissing sailor

Welllllllll…..if it had been in 2016……………….


Beam me up Scotty………….

The 5th is “Labor Day.” The day when all women who are expecting are supposed to go into labor and……….

Um….wait. Soreeee, I got my facts wrong on that one. See, that’s what ya get for relying on information ya find on the Internet.

Labor Day is exactly what is sez below……………..


Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Newport, hereeeeeeeee we come

The 7th is “National Salami Day.” In lieu of the usual sexual salami jokes I opted for this one.


NO! NO! I can’t pass up this opportunity to slip in a salami/sausage one……..!!!!!

Oooooo. I'll take that big one in the middle

Oooooo. I’ll take that big one in the middle Harry.

Um… not sorryOk….so what ya damn flea bag.

Ok….on a more cuddly note, September 9th is “Teddy Bear Day.” And for that dog above the bear sez it all.


Up yours pal….

The 11th is “911 Remembrance Day.”nine 11

It is also “No News Is Good News Day.”


Makes sense to me…..

“Defy Superstition Day” is on the 13th. Remember to carry a rabbit’s foot along with you today for good luck.. Um….unless you’re a rabbit…………………….


Ah So…..the 13th is also “Fortune Cookie Day.” suckered into this one....

Yep….got suckered into this one….

Which brings to mind this…………………

Thank you Forest Gump

Thank you Forrest Gump

To round out the 13th, “National Peanut Day.”

So THAT'S how M&M's come with peanuts in them!!

So THAT’S how M&M’s come with peanuts in them!!

Moving along, September 16th is “Collect Rocks Day.” Excellent day for some of you who, as I said earlier, have no lives to speak of.

The infamous rock paper scissors encounter

The infamous rock paper scissors encounter

The 16th is also “Mayflower Day.”


Angry Feather Ronald Trump…..Donald’s great, great, great, great ancestor.

And, ironically, considering the above day celebration, the 16th is also “Mexican Independence Day.”



One more on the 16th, “National Play Doh Day.” NEVER leave your Play Doh lying around if you own a dog.playd1September 18th is “Wife Appreciation Day.” Do your best to show how much you really appreciate your wife by helping her with even the smallest of requests.


Anything for the love of my life dear

Sometimes, in a moment of reflection, ya just wanna hug an elephant. If you have that urge, the 22nd is your lucky day as it’s “Elephant Appreciation Day.” Hug your heart out.


Marvin was a big hit with the ladies

My favorite this month is “Dog In Politics Day.” Considering, in my opinion, most politicians ARE dogs, they might as well hold up these same signs.  You know, kiss their butts and they’ll get things done for ya. Maybe.

If dogs were running for political office.......not far off the track from today's politicians

If dogs were running for political office…….not far off the track from today’s politicians

The 23rd is “Native American Day.”


2016 election. Sound familiar?

“International Rabbit Day” is on September 24th. You DO know what rabbits are good at don’t ya?


Ok pal….I’ll put ya down for several thousand

Of course every year on the 26th we always celebrate “Johnny Appleseed Day.” If it were not for Johnny we would not have as many apple trees as we have. Or…………applesauce.

How Johnny Appleseed met his demise

The bad news, how Johnny Appleseed met his demise. The good news, how applesauce was discovered.

If you have a tendency to ask a lot of stupid questions, today is your day. The 28th is “Ask a Stupid Question Day.” Knock yourselves out.dumb2BUT……….NEVER answer THIS stupid question….NEVER!!!!!

However, in this instance, you're screwed.'

However, in this instance, you’re screwed.

And finally, another one of my favorite celebrations in September, “Confucius Day” on the 29th. Sooooooo many Confucius sayings, sooooooooo little time.


Confucius obviously confused

And so, on that note, my favorite Confucius saying…………………..


Such wisdom………..

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