Gene Wilder June -11-1933 – August-29-2016

Thanks to artist

Thanks to artist Omar Momani

Gene Wilder who passed away yesterday after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will be sadly missed.

We all have favorite actors and comedians, and by far, Gene was one of my favorites. His ability to bring dead pan humor to the screen was an art.

In his memory, I’d like to share a few of my favorite scenes from some of his movies.


From “Young Frankenstein:”

And again from “Young Frankenstein.”

From “Blazing Saddles” a classic scene where Gene has gotta be the fastest draw in the West.

And with Richard Pryor in the movie trailer for “Silver Streak.”

And who can ever forget the magical Willie Wonka that Gene played.

And, in a final tribute, a remembrance of Gene Wilder’s life and career filmed in 2013

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