Milestone: The 2000th MisfitWisdom Blog


Forescore and seven years ago, um, skip the “forescore” part,… years ago the MisfitWisdom blog was created. Today’s blog is the 2000th episode of writing nonsense because that’s how my brain works.


Like many of you, Internet trolls included, who the hell would pay any attention to me. I had a lot to say and an urge to write humor, but no one gave a rats ass.blog4

Then, SHAZAM! along came the Internet and anyone with half a brain, or less, became someone with a voice. Not that anyone would still give a rats ass what they, or me, had to say or write, but it still gave them, and me, a place to vent.

For me, its humor. For the Internet trolls it’s spreading hate and discontent.

But, that said, which I just did if you were paying attention, my intent is NOT to spread hate and discontent, although at times even writing humor I have on occasion ticked off someone. Nature of the beast I guess.

(One example of a lovely comment in reaction to one of my “humor” blogs)

“I never had signed up for your scanky site . I don’t ever want to receive an email from your site again or, there will be harassment charges put on the owner of the site and I will get your site shut down . Never mess with someone who is Sicilian ”

Ha! Guess I tolt dat f**king prick blogger a ting or two

Ha! Guess I tolt dat f**king prick blogger a ting or two

Yep, that’s exactly how that comment was sent. AND, I have no idea about WTF e-mail that person was talking about. Funny though, you would think me, being Italian, would be closely related to anyone who was Sicilian and they’d have cut me some slack. Go figure.

So far, no horse’s head found in my bed.

In those years since 2010 I have also managed to write three non best-selling books and pissed off a few people at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, along with my local town selectman, and a few of my Facebook friends who I had to give the deep six to. Which I’m sure they did in return.

BUT, enough of these tearful memories. How about what makes up a part of this blog. The hard work and creativity of hundreds of cartoonists that enable me to write a blog and find the precise cartoon to go along with what I’m writing.

Because the MisfitWisdom blog does NOT receive ANY paid compensation for this nonsensical stuff, I freely reproduce cartoonists work to highlight what I am writing about and hope that none of them get pissed off.

My thinking is that I’m also giving my readers the opportunity to once again see some of the greatest work by some great cartoonists which you may have otherwise missed when they were originally published.

So, in honor of my 2000th blog and in honor of those brilliant cartoonists, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite cartoons and cartoonists.

First and forescore….oops, I meant, foremost, is Mark Parisi. Mark draws the cartoon “Off the Mark” and I suspect he is as insane as I am considering he owns cats and as we all know, cats will drive you to drink as well as drive you to draw insane cat cartoons. Example:

Ah feel yer pain Mark

Ah feel yer pain Mark

Next would be totally insane Gary Larson who draws “The Far Side.” And I suspect Gary has been waaaaay on the far side for many years. Ya have to be to come up with some of the cartoons he’s drawn.

By far, as in “far side” my favorite Larson cartoon is one that answers that age-old question, “Who are “They.”they larson

Next in line would be Dan Gibson who draws the cartoon “Gibbleguts.” I think we may have been separated at birth because he is as demented as me when it comes to humor. I suspect he is also a lifetime member of AARP considering many of his cartoons are about seniors.

gibbleguts lets rock babyBeing originally from Rhode Island, I especially feel connected to Don Bousquet and his cartoons as most, if not all of his cartoons are about Rhode Island. AND….they are true to life. For instance, here’s a photo of some Rhode Island State Police Troopers.r i state police

AND………as I said, true to life, Don’s cartoon of what an off duty R. I. State Trooper looks like at the beach………..bosquet state trooper2One more cartoon from Don which is one of my favorites. You either have to live in Rhode Island, are originally from Rhode Island, or have driven through Rhode Island to appreciate the humor in this cartoon.

Welcome to Rhode Island - smallest state in the country.

Then there’s Randy Glasbergen who recently passed away. He will be missed. A lot of Randy’s cartoons were about relationships and marriage, which, a lot of them I’m sure touched a nerve with us guys. As in this one which seems to be the case in my relationship with my other half.

Which is why "I" only think of broccoli when she's sitting next to me and not sexual fantasies

Which is why “I” only think of broccoli and not sexual fantasies when she’s sitting next to me.  not


I can’t close out notable cartoonists without mentioning the one cartoonist that inspired my humor more than any other when I was a mere innocent child. That would be Al Capp and his cartoon strip “Lil Abner.” My Facebook page photo uses his character Joe Btfspik.Joe Btfspik color image

And my favorite character was his “Shmoo.” Which you could, upon command, have it turn itself into anything….mostly sandwiches.


To wind up things here, I must also mention Chick Noreau from Providence, R.I. who I met back in 1968 while a disc jockey at WPRO radio in Providence. Chick created my blog header, “DILLIGARA.” If you receive my blog through e-mail and have never seen the header, click on the title of today’s blog and you will get the full blog again with the header.

Over the years Chick also created other cartoons for me. So, in essence, I too was at one point or another a cartoon character. The one below he drew commemorating my fist year anniversary at WPRO radio.

WPRO-AM Radio, Providence, R.I. (1969)

WPRO-AM Radio, Providence, R.I. (1969)

Also this one when I was racing go karts during off air time……

Get outta my way motherf**ker

Get outta my way motherf**ker

I worked alongside some pretty notable Rhode Island radio personalities back in 1968 and 1969 while I was at WPRO. If you’re a Rhode Islander you will recall some of them. Salty Brine, Vic Armen, Charlie Jefferds, Joe Thomas. Also Chuck Stevens, Sherm Strickhouser, Jack Comley, and Mike Sands while at other R.I. stations.

You might also recall one other radio personality from WPRO who I worked alongside with who was most notably known to his fans as “Big Ange.”  Andy Jackson held down the on air slot before me and this cartoon drawn by Chick Noreau depicts the transition from his shift to mine.wpro dick and angeMaybe that’s how I became addicted to using cartoons. I actually was one.

Like this early cartoon while I was at WNRI radio in Woonsocket, R.I.021Or this one while on the air at WPNO in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine.WPNO MaineOr this one while at WJAR radio in Providence.wjar on airAnd finally, a collage of some of the stations I worked for with their letterheads.Collage stattionsSo, being a cartoon character seemed to fit me well. More than being a famous disc jockey perhaps. (yet another shameless plug for my book, “I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love and Life Got In The Way.” auto bk cover

And, for which there is a cartoon for that as well…………….

Been there, done that....

Been there, done that….

The last time I became a cartoon character was my final non-broadcasting job as a limo driver for Foxwoods Resort Casino. A friend of mine drew this after I asked him if he could draw a cartoon depicting how the casino requires that you take a urine test every now and then to make sure you were not on any drugs.


That would be yours truly to the right of the horned guy

And that would be it folks. The 2000th MisfitWisdom blog. Time to sit back, grab a cup of hot coffee, and leave all of you with my all time favorite cartoon by Jan Baker.



Um with milk and two fucking Splendas too……………..


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