Reprise Sunday: Bananaphobia

Once again I’ve dug very deeply into the MisfitWisdom collection of useless blogs and from August 2010 for yet another gem. Bananaphobia……..which is the fear of bananas.

Which actually some people do suffer from. Like Fran Dando, pictured below, who absolutely has a fear of bananas.


Ann Dando

Ann Dando

Which kinda makes sense to me as I, as a mere child, once had a fear of bananas as well after listening to Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O The Banana Boat Song.” I think it was the line in the song that said, “highly deadly black tarantula” with reference to tarantulas hanging around bananas.

Took me a long time to realize that the odds of a tarantula making it from wherever they harvest bananas to my local grocery store were kinda slim. BUT…that said, I still kinda approach bananas in stores with a bit of caution. Just to be on the safe side.

So along comes 21-year-old Fran Dando, from the U.K. who has this thing about bananas.  It even has a name. Bananaphobia……fear of bananas.  Kinda like claustrophobia…..fear of Santa Claus.

A while back when she was seven years old to be exact, her brother put a banana in her bed while she was sleeping.

(I know what some of you perverted people are thinking out there but I’m not even going to go there….even though it is somewhat tempting….you know…the banana thing and the bed and Fran)

OK….OK……hard to resist that one.banana perv


Hey....go suck on a banana peel ya damn flea bag

Hey….go suck on a banana peel ya damn flea bag

Anyhow, when poor Fran awoke, she said that she felt this long cold thing next to her in bed and…….(forget it, I’m still not going to go there again) and it freaked her out to the point that she’s never gotten over it.  To this day she’s even afraid to approach a bunch of bananas in a supermarket.

Um………ok….I am gonna go there again……….

Banana porn

Banana porn

I can sympathize with her because I’m actually terrified of approaching tomatoes anywhere.  It’s all due to my own traumatic experience with an ugly tomato worm when I was but a mere child.  Yes….(sigh)…I have…..tomatowormaphobia.

Actually Fran shouldn’t feel too embarrassed to have bananaphobia.  Besides tomatowormaphobia I also have politicialadaphobia, beingbrokeaphobia, and fearofphobiaphobia. That’s a lot of phobias.

Oh yeah….and this one too………………..grandmaaphobia.

Ah feel yer pain Gilbert

Ah feel yer pain Gilbert

So, all in all I can understand Fran’s phobia with bananas.  It’s hard to overcome a traumatic experience when you’re so young, especially finding a cold banana in your bed. Horrors!

I just wish someone had stuck an old matronly woman in my bed when I was seven, and I awoke to find her lying next to me…..someone with the looks of Nanny McPhee.

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee

If that had happened I would have sworn off of women, never have gotten married twice,  divorced twice, and lived happily ever after…..a very wealthy man with a happy case of……………..


Just sayin.’

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