It’s Come To My Attention That Too Much Is Coming To My Attention…..AGAIN!!!

'What did you say, dear? -- I wasn't paying attention.'

I usually make it a point to pay attention to anything that holds my attention, which is usually just about anything worth paying attention to, BUT……over the past few months too many things have been coming to my attention that I really should not be paying attention to.

Namely WTF is going on with the 2016 election.

Normally, I really wouldn’t give a rats ass WTF was going on and just go out and cast my vote on November 8th and be done with it.

But this year it’s different. No matter what I read, watch on television, or go on to social media sites it’s there………..the f**king 2016 campaign free for all fuckathon.

Fuckathon Headquarters

Fuckathon Headquarters

Stuff like, he said, she said, he actually meant, she lied, e-mails, blow jobs, nuke buttons, etc, etc etc, if ya catch my drift here.

So, not wanting to go into a crazies rule the Internet overload, I’ve been avoiding reading any story concerning the 2016 election.

I DID suffer a setback, (momentarily) when I went on one site and made a comment and was immediately infested with a severe case of trollinitus. Which is the equivalent of being infested with fleas but worse.


A  flea troll

So, once again I’m attempting to not pay attention to whatever it is that tempts me to pay attention but is actually a ploy to make me go off the deep end and get trolled because I paid attention when I shouldn’t have.


I’ve relegated myself to only reading the comics and horoscope section of my local paper first thing in the morning.

I’ve set my TV to The Weather Channel, TV Land, Disney, Animal Planet, and The Music Channel, (oldies) and the rest of the night watch only on demand shows that I’ve missed by watching baseball during prime time.

The closest I’m coming to anything political is watching the TV series “Brain Dead.” And only because it involves politicians whose brains are being taken over by alien ants. Quite satisfying.

OMFG!!!! Brain infesting alien ants!!! HELP! HELP!

OMFG!!!! Brain infesting alien ants!!! HELP! HELP!


Whew! Thanks....I needed that.

Whew! Thanks….I needed that.

Then, when I’m not watching TV or reading newspapers, I’m doing things that I otherwise wouldn’t do just to keep me occupied and keep my mind off of politics.

Went down to the basement and gathered all the stuff I’ve saved for eons like 3 old printers, 4 computer monitors,  5 analog TV’s, several dozen remotes, 15 speakers and a baloney sandwich I found which I think is fossilized. Saturday I’ll load them into the truck and haul them away to the dump. Or, as they refer to it as in my town, the recycling facility.

None of which these items will be recycled. Well, maybe the baloney sandwich. Those guys at the dump are real scary and I’ve seen them on occasion eating stuff I wouldn’t throw out to the birds in my backyard.

Damn Mousefeet...yew almost threw away a really good tastin' baloney sandwich!!!

Damn Mousefeet…yew almost threw away a really good tastin’ baloney sandwich!!!

Then I spent one day sifting through old magazines dating back to the 1950’s and beyond. (I’m a closet pack rat)

Sorted them all out and found a site where people, (possibly other pack rats) will pay big bucks for certain magazines. It was also fun scanning the car ads back then when ya could buy a Mustang for just over $2,000.  The CAR you idiot….not a horse.

Then I spent the rest of the day moving big heavy bricks from one part of our yard to another. Why? Beats me….just felt like moving bricks.

Finally at the end of the day, after really not paying attention to anything, political that is, I sat outside on my deck trying to get a hummingbird to land on a red cup filled with nectar to land on my hand.

Still amazes me how each year those birds remember where the feeder is in our yard.

Um...ok....that explains it

Um…ok….that explains it

Anyhow, no success. Those damn hummingbirds are too freakin’ smart. None would land on the cup I was holding.

But, strangely enough when I looked inside the patio from outside and saw may other half…………………hummer1

I actually would have spent more time waiting them out but ants were crawling on the deck and up my leg and all I could think of was that TV show “Brain Dead.”

BUT……’s better thinking about alien ants on my patio than brain-dead politicians.

So all in all my plan worked. I wasn’t stressed out watching CNN, CBS, or reading the paper or looking at hate and discontent from the trolls on the Internet. I was quite relaxed not paying attention to anything….cept for those ants.

And, unlike politicians and trolls, I could easily send an ant to ant heaven. Not that I did that mind you, as I feel ants outside on my patio have a right to exist…..outside.

But let one of those little motherf**kers come into my house and they’re toast.

Kinda like any politician that comes knocking on my door.

Nobody’s gonna stress me out pal.

I own a biggggggggg can of RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same stiff Trump used on Ted Cruz.....

Same stuff Trump used on Ted Cruz…..

Just sayin.’

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1 Response to It’s Come To My Attention That Too Much Is Coming To My Attention…..AGAIN!!!

  1. Vickie says:

    We had one of your hummingbirds over here. It was hovering over tom and I while in the pool. Thought it going after my pink float, oh maybe my crazy hair on no my floral swim suit. Well was good after I ran for cover.

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