The Art Of Spreading Hate On The Internet………..

And all other social, (correction) un-social media sites

And all other social, (correction) un-social media sites

Its come to my attention that way too much is coming to my attention so I have taken taken a self-imposed vow  not to pay attention to anything that may have caught my attention in the past but will no longer pay attention to anymore.

Namely the spreading of hate on the Internet.

Obviously spreading hate on the World Wide Web is nothing new. Which is what Internet trolls love to do and to which their very existence depends on. Kinda like when you were a kid and the school bully knew that he could get under your skin by simply sneering at you or taking your lunch money.

You knew it was gonna happen every day, but didn’t know quite how to avoid it. Until you finally realized that spreading ExLax on your sandwich and willingly handing it over to the school bully solved that problem. Worked for me as a kid.

However today it’s a bit different when it comes to bullying and spreading hate and discontent on the Internet. You know it’s there and you really want to avoid it but sometimes………sm5

My point exactly…..sometimes ya get hooked on all this bullshit. Which is fine if you simply like to be entertained by bullshit.

The problem as I see it, and this is strictly my own opinion, is that eons ago before the Internet trolls, haters, racists, bigots, and the dregs of the earth had no way to spread their hate and discontent other than taking my school lunch, or beating the crap outta me, or scribbling hate slogans on walls or buildings.

Otherwise most of us had no idea about how many low lives existed.

SHAZAM! Along comes the Internet and anyone able to fork up a few bucks for a computer and an Internet connection was in pig heaven.Especially the trolls.

And then social media was born in the form of Facebook, Twitter etc. and the ability to post comments on ANY subject or news item appearing on the Internet.sm2

I really don’t have to point this out, but I will anyhow, and that’s the fact that this present political election has brought out the most hatred I have EVER seen in my lifetime. Civility does not exist anymore. Nor does any attempt to respond to a comment by stating actual facts. Which as I like to say often, “facts tend to cloud up the issues.”sm4

Now to me, this election boils down to one thing. Your vote. Whatever your candidate choice is, that’s fine. Personally I’m not gonna put you down for whatever you believe or whomever you choose to vote for. Your power is on November 8th.

But, that said, which I just did, (and this is directed directly to the Internet trolls) spew all of the hatred, discontent and vitriol you want but if you personally think using racist, bigoted, insane comments about either candidate is going to sway anyone’s mind you are, pardon my English here, FUCKING NUTS!!!!!!!!!.

Trump supports will support Trump. Hillary supporters will support Hillary. Plain and simple. Doesn’t take a damn rocket scientist to figure that out.

The only thing that trolls are accomplishing is what I like to refer to as “self masturbation.” The art of getting one’s jollies off by spreading hate on the Internet and then sitting back and after that high feeling that sudden low when ya come down and realize everybody thinks you’re a damn idiot. Except for other trolls with the same mindset as you.sm6

I fell into that “troll trap” at the onset of this election cycle. Yep, I got baited and tried to reason with people on the web with logic and facts. 99% of the time I presented facts to support my argument, I got no logical responses…if any responses at all. And when I did get a response, it was filled with hate and venom.

So, I learned fast that you can’t carry on a logical intelligent discussion on the web because there is no such thing. AND, from what I can see, a lot of people on the Internet have come to realize that and no longer respond to trolls. In fact, most of the people who DO respond to trolls are other trolls.sm7My last valiant effort was to post this one last challenge to the Internet trolls. It was with regard to Patricia Smith who made an appearance at the GOP convention and blamed Hillary Clinton for lying to her about Benghazi as well as the death of her son.

Then the following week the Muslim couple who appeared at the Democratic convention to take on Donald Trump and told the story of their son’s sacrifice.

Both parents lost sons. Both parents appeared at conventions. Both parents obviously made their points on behalf of their beliefs and their respective political leanings.

So did the trolls had a field day with both parents appearing? NO! Just the Muslim parents stating that the Democrats used them shamelessly for political purposes.

So, what I asked on the web was, “Can anyone explain to me why it was only the Democrats who are being blamed for using the parents of a soldier killed in the line of duty at their convention, BUT, no one is upset that the GOP did the same exact thing?”

Do ya think I got any responses? Not one. Nada, zilch. The trolls were quiet. They knew it was the same thing for both political parties and wouldn’t touch my question with a 10 foot pole.

It was at that point I knew that I was going into troll overload and decided to sit the rest of this election cycle out. There is no room or acceptance for logic or civility anymore. One can only hope when it’s all over in November, the trolls will self destruct.sm8

Now, in conclusion, you all know that this blog is supposed to center on current events and mainly humor. Which can be intertwined as displayed on Comedy Central, The Colbert Report, Samantha Bee’s, “Full Frontal,” all the late shows etc, etc, etc.

However, unlike the Internet, those venues do not allow trolls to interject their insane comments while the shows are airing. They instead take to the Internet to voice their disdain for the comedy bits that were presented.

Facebook, Twitter, and Internet news sites allow comments and that’s where the trolls thrive.

My suggestion, do not feed them, avoid them, do not comment with facts or logic, do not challenge them, and by far, do NOT even bother to read ANY comments you may or may not be passionate about.

That is my stance.

So that’s my stance. I will return to my regular humor log in the next few days completely avoiding ANYTHING political.

That said, I leave you with this final thought………..

Just sayin'

Just sayin’


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