Reprise Sunday – The Golden Oldies…..Kinda

“Sniff….brings back memories that just touches my heart.”

Sundays I like to go back and dredge up a blog you may have missed, and, also because it’s too freakin’ hot to write. So, from July 2010, a MisfitWisdom oldie but goodie, (literally) yet still very timely.



Being a golden oldie myself, having played Beatles records on the radio when they were first released, I think it’s time to re visit some of those gems and adapt them to people, places, things and society in general.

Here’s my take on how I’d rename some of those oldies.

THEN                                                                                   NOW

Addicted To Love-Robert Palmer     Addicted To Drugs-Rush Limbaughlimbaugh

Be Bop A Lula-Gene Vincent              Be Bop A Ga Ga-Lady Ga Ga

Ball Of Confusion-Temptations          Ball Of Confusion-MLB Umpiresump3

Blinded By The Light-Manfred Mann  Blinded By The Light-Laser Docs

Classical Gas-Mason Williams            Classical Gas-The Senior Farts

Do You Know The Way To San Jose-Dionne Warwick

Do You Know The Way To San Jose My GPS Is Broken-(D W Remake)

GPS: 'Sorry return to the main road.'

GPS: ‘Sorry return to the main road.’

Forty Miles Of Bad Road-Duane Eddy  Forty Miles Of Bad Road-Tori Spelling

Frankenstein-Edgar Winter Group    FrankenPurdue-Purdue Chickens

Golden Years-David Bowie                  Golden Years-The AARP Singersaarp

Good Vibrations-Beach Boys               Good Vibrations-The Dildos

Jack & Diane-John Cougar                   Jack & Marilyn-The Kennedys

Laughing-Guess Who                           Laughing-Gov. Sanford’s Ex

Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet-Henry Mancini

Love Theme From Sandra & Jessie-Sandra Bullock


Good move Romeo…..

My Cup Runneth Over-Ed Ames       My Cup Runneth Over-Charlie Sheen

No Matter What Shape Your Stomachs In-T-Bones

No Matter What Shape Your Stomachs In-Gov. Chris Christiechristie1

Reach Out & Touch Somebody’s Hand-Diana Ross

Reach Out & Touch Somebody’s Hand-Sen. Larry Craigcraig1

S.O.S-Abba                                                        S.O.S.-U. S. Congress

The Safety Dance-Men Without Hats     The Safety Dance-The Trojans

Silence Is Golden-Tremeloes       Silence Is Golden-Justice Ginsberg

Suspicious Minds-Elvis Presley   Suspicious Minds-Nat. Enquirer

Talk Dirty to Me-Poison               Talk Dirty to Me-Louis Black



Tell Laura I Love Her-Ray Peterson

Tell Laura I Love Her-George W. Bush

Theme From Close Encounters-John Williams

Theme From Close Encounters-Bill Clintonbillc

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before-Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias

To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before-Mick Jagger

Trouble Is My Middle Name-Bobby Vinton

Trouble Is My Middle Name-Justin Bieber

Wasted Days & Wasted Nights-Freddy Fender

Wasted Days & Wasted Nights-The New Fall TV Lineup Group



Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On-Jerry Lee Lewis

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On-Shaker & The Detoxins

Can’t Buy Me Love-The Beatles     Can’t Buy Me Love-The Hookers

Ok guys....and ya wanna vote for Trump why?

Ok guys….and ya wanna vote for Trump why?

Well, there ya have it.  I’m sure many of you can come up with your own version of twists on songs to fit today’s uptight society.

My favorite is the one song at the very beginning of today’s blog recorded many eons ago by two guys in Massachusetts.

I think, however, the title says it all.  At some point we “ALL” are as the song title indicates.

Everybody has one.

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