As A Public Service, MisfitWisdom Presents “The Internet Troll Identifier.”


Ya really gotta love Internet Trolls on various websites including troll pig heaven, news reporting sites.

The Internet, as well as a lot of other places that the public has access too, including the brain-dead, lets these dregs of the earth post whatever they want……..anonymously so they can spread their hate and discontent without anyone, including their neighbors, friends, work associates, and stray dogs and cats knowing who they are.

Isn’t that great!

You can call someone a f**king ahole and use all sorts of racist slurs and ethnic slams and sign your name………anonymously.


Shoulda gone with rats instead of bunnies

Soooooooo, how do ya identify an Internet troll….besides the usual lack of knowledge of the English language and the overabundance of the word f**k and a**hole.

Here’s some clues:troll

And of course all Internet trolls are connected to every social media site, um, excluding Sesame Street……..I think….not sure…………..


Still need more of a defining example……………………trl2


Meanwhile back at Facebook headquarters

Meanwhile back at Facebook headquarters

If you’re an Internet troll you will always take the opposite stance of whatever it is anyone else is commenting about. It’s the only way to successfully spread hate and discontent.


Things matter in the real world? Go figure.



Can ya pick the guy without a life to speak of

Then there are the trolls who spread rumors which, if you have a legitimate functioning brain, you know aren’t true, but if you’re really stupid, you buy into whatever you believe is fact on the Internet without checking the facts .


And Obama’s using UFO’s from Area 51 to help the National Guard

Did ya ever wonder what those woman ya call on a sex hotline look like? Bet their 85 year-old seniors making $8.25 an hour to get ya off. Well same goes for Internet trolls who you may think are macho hunks…………………..


Hey baybeee…..ya want me don’t ya…..

Of course there is that “Freedom of Speech” glitch which allows anyone to say WTF they want to.


OK…MY freedom of speech…..go jerkoff ya f**king trolls

Or………if you’re addicted to the Internet……………….


Gawd forbid

Soooooooo, in conclusion, there are ways to deal with Internet trolls.

1. Totally ignore them.

2. Get outta the site you’re in and find a nice news story.

3. Stay on the site long enough to copy this cartoon (below) and paste it in the trolls reply section.look an idiot

Then sit back and just ponder this last thought………………

Works for me

Works for me

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4 Responses to As A Public Service, MisfitWisdom Presents “The Internet Troll Identifier.”

  1. This is why I don’t read comment sections!

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