New Emojis!!!!! Hmmmmmm……


Before long all of us will not have to speak one single word. More and more of us are using emojis to express our thoughts and feelings…… other “words”, or not, back to where it all began………….emj9

Yep, we’re regressing back in time to the era of the cave man when we first began to speak with grunts and groans. Which is where all this emoji stuff is leading to.

Speaking of cave men, if ya think I’m kidding, and along with the news that even more emojis are coming out soon, to prove my point that using more and more emojis will mean the end of verbal communication as we know it, and, maybeeeeeeeeeee that might not be a bad thing.  Ya need to watch the movie “Quest For Fire.”

Here’s a short clip which might peak your interest…or not.

The movie stars Ron Pearlman and Rae Dawn Chong as cave men, or um, women, whatever, and has absolutely no, nada, zippo, zilch dialogue in the entire move with the exception of grunts and groans….the groans during a sex scene.

So, when I said using emojis may take us back to the days of cave men, and um…cave women (politically correct) I may be right.

(NOTE) I DID watch this movie as excruciating as it was. Only because I was freakin’ bored, it was 2am in the morning, and I wanted to see Rae Dawn Chong naked.

That said, which I just did, you know where all this emoji stuff is headed…….emj12
I can’t deny the fact that I too use emojis on occasion, usually on Facebook and on restrooms walls, like this one that I left when I was pissed off when I ran out of toilet paper………………..emj2But I’m still concerned that eventually no one will be speaking to each other with the influx of more and more emojis. The good news……….male emojis are really great.

The bad news…..women emojis are really scary.emj3And eventually when all this gets outta hand, you know what’s gonna happen next…….yep….we’re all gonna start looking like those emojis……..emj10
Eventually EVERYTHING will be said and done using emojis. emj7But….not me pal…nope…I’m still gonna use the printed word and language to communicate. I’m not gonna get suckered into becoming a brain-dead zombie by using emojis……nope…no way……




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