Hmmmm. What Should My Next Book Be About? Maybe…..How Not To Write A Book.


Psssst……..go with the guy on the left pal

I’ve written 3 books, all different subjects, and I’m getting the itch again. Most likely it’s an allergy reaction rather than an itch to write yet another non best-selling book.

Usually something has to inspire me to write a book. For most authors that inspiration is cold hard cash from a best-selling book. For me, it’s the satisfaction of telling a story, be it fact or fiction.books2

Recapping my efforts since 2009. Here are my non best-selling books:

The first was my autobiography because I simply wanted to write about my years as a disc jockey which I thought would be of interest to…um……ME.


Hmmm, someday I’m gonna write a book about all this crap

Well, “I” actually enjoyed it because I kinda wanted a diary of how the hell I f**ked up my broadcasting career. Besides, when I come back in my next life and return to broadcasting, I’ll be able to simply go to the library, take out my book, read it, and not make the same mistakes again. Makes sense to me.

Then again, writing that book also made sense to me.

So much for common sense.

Nice book cover though.Famous auto bk coverAlthough I could have gone for the switch and bait cover……………….

'Meet the Author!'

‘Meet the Author!’

Sooooo, I figured, WTF…..if my autobiography didn’t sell and make me a famous author, I’d give a shot at writing fiction. EVERYBODY likes a good mystery…….RIGHT?

Wellllll, maybeeeeee not.

To me, my next book, “The Covert Chamber” was challenging to write developing the various characters and intertwining my storyline with actual historic facts. It was fun to write and researching some of the historic parts were interesting.

I actually thought this book would have made a great movie considering it contained Nazis, time travel, murder, and an unusual twist at the very end.

However, the publisher I signed with priced the book far above what I would have priced it at, or, if I saw it in a bookstore, would not pay that outrageous price. So, again, a dead book. (sigh)

My non best selling novel

My 2nd non best-selling novel

BUT……….although my last book, “Forgotten” sold moderately well because it was a true story about two World War II pilots who were killed in a tragic mid-air collision over my town in 1944, I was not out to make a profit from this book. I wrote it to honor the memory of these two pilots. And by far this was my most satisfying writing project.


forgotten create space cover

What all this writing a best-selling book stuff is about is……um……..comparable to eating my favorite cereal.


Knowing the right people, having the right connections and being a suck up in the book publishing business helps. As well as possibly being the son or daughter of a famous celebrity.

Presently nothing has inspired me to write yet another non best-selling book.

But fear not…… some point something will inspire me.

Then again, at my age it might just be gas.

Just sayin.’

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Former disc jockey, (Dick Jones) 30 years, and author of, "I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love & Life Got In The Way" available at books, & Kindle, "The Covert Chamber" a mystery novel available at and Barnes & Noble, and "Forgotten" the story of two WWI pilots who were forgotten for over 70 years available on and Kindle
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3 Responses to Hmmmm. What Should My Next Book Be About? Maybe…..How Not To Write A Book.

  1. nynacarolyna says:

    As always, thanks for these bits of guidance and insightful reflection. It helps learning that it’s wise to accept writing insecurities and the harrowing truth that a strong connection is not always right for the ‘you’ accomplishing your dreams. I have been practicing applying boundaries and loving-detachment for a long time and it makes sense but I have a really erratic memory sometimes. Thanks for the reminder

    • misfit120 says:

      Glad you got something out of that. As my time at HD comes to an unexpected close, its time to reflect on new paths to follow. I’ll always remember you as one of the people along my journey through life as being one worth remembering.

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