Preston, Connecticut, The Entertainment Capital of the World? Really!

Here I reside in a small rural town on the shores of the beautiful Thames River. Ok..ok…so maybe there really isn’t a “shore” to speak of worth dragging the family to and take a dip in the water. BUT……..take a look at this headline in today’s local newspaper………006

YES! The, as I love to refer to as, “boondoggle,” as boondoggles go, is finally no longer going to be a boondoggle. As Mighty Mouse would say, “Here I am to save the day.” In this instance, the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Mohegan Sun Casino has finally awakened and figured out that the former Norwich State Hospital grounds directly across the river from their casino could be a goldmine. Duh! Which I myself, being of limited intelligence, have said a number of times over the years.

Of course no one ever pays attention to me, including the casino, or, Donald Trump who I once sent a letter to explaining to him the value of this property. Go figure.

Which is why I refuse to vote for him. Among other reasons.

Look ya little punk, I'm da Donald, I don't take no advice from little Italian guys with big noses

Look ya little punk, I’m da Donald, I don’t take no advice from little Italian guys with big noses

Now lettith me explain. (using Shakespeare lingo there)

The property consists of 393 acres, has a waterfront, is sandwiched between Interstate 395 and less than a mile, as the crow flys, from the existing casino. If a crow were to actually fly in a straight line that is. But, you get my point.

AND……the other casino, Foxwoods, is 8 miles from Mohegan Sun and this property. AND, with two casinos so close to each other they are obviously in competition with each other to draw in prospective gamblers with cash as well as offering high-end entertainment and shopping malls.

AND…..Foxwoods recently announced plans to have a huge outdoor concert on an adjacent property they own, which would be kinda like the Woodstock concert back in 1969, but not as big or unorganized.

Artists rendering of the Norwich State Hospital, I assume, a bird would view it, hence, a "birds eye view." Mohegan Sun Casino in in the background

Artists rendering of the Norwich State Hospital grounds….as, I assume, a bird would view it, hence, a “birds eye view.” Mohegan Sun Casino is in the background

So…..not to be upstaged, Mohegan Sun Casino finally woke up and has agreed to buy that property and develop it into, as the article in today’s paper stated, “entertainment recreation, hotel, retail, (including without limitation, lifestyle center, restaurants, convenience) business time share, senior housing and similar and related uses, all to be determined and described in the purchase and sale agreement)

FINALLY…….after years of passing that site, (1 mile from my house) I will, in my lifetime, which is anyone’s guess how long my lifetime will be, we will see that land developed, AND, perhaps I won’t have to travel 5 to 10 miles in either direction to gas up my truck, buy a coffee, or go to a bank. Oh joy.

So, this could be a world-class destination. Not to mention, but I will anyway, that all the land surrounding the old hospital grounds on both sides of the road would be up for development. Take THAT Donald Trump!

Biggggg news.......which brought out the local media crews

Biggggg news…….which brought out the local media crews


Hey....where's da guy wid da big nose....we wanna talk to him

Hey….where’s da guy wid da big nose….we wanna talk to him


For the record I, and my big nose, were waaaaay down he other end of the town hall parking lot giving the 3rd news crew my 2 cents worth

For the record I, and my big nose, were waaaaay down the other end of the town hall parking lot giving the 3rd news crew my 2 cents worth

Now personally I’m elated that Mohegan Sun has agreed to purchase that property. Not only because it means that the town of Preston will get back the gazillions of dollars it cost to tear down those old buildings, but also that they stand to make gazillions from taxes from businesses that will be there.

But I’m also elated that a Mickey Mouse gas station across the street from me will finally be attractive to a prospective buyer. Only because it would then allow me to simply cross the street and fill up my lawn mower gas can without having to drive a freakin’ 5 miles and waste as much gas in my truck as it costs to fill up my gas can.

So, all in all this is great news. The only drawback to purchasing that property, considering it was the former home of the Norwich State Hospital, is the ghosts that still lurk on the grounds. As featured on one of those ghost hunters programs a few years ago that checked out the old morgue. Real creepy.

But, just a minor thing if ya ask me.

Why ghosts contuinually but people

Why ghosts continually bug people

Considering that most ghosts like to haunt buildings, I’m sure a casino venture would be great for them. AND….considering I personally have a lot of relatives that have since passed on, (none of which were ever at the hospital there) BUT, loved to gamble, I see me asking for their help while playing a slot machine. Or, perhaps someone they may know in the afterlife who once was at that hospital. Can’t hurt. You know how superstitious we gamblers are.

So, in conclusion, my congratulations to the Town of Preston, Connecticut for finally making a deal to develop that property. Also to Mohegan Sun Casino for realizing, (finally) that those 393 acres of lant, (as Lawrence Welk would say) is really gonna pay off for them.

Now if I could only convince them to loosen up their slot machines so that it would really pay off for me.

Or, at least communicate with one of those ghosts to help me hit it big.

Worth a shot. Ya think?


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