Delicious Bugs You Can Eat. For Those Of Us On A Limited Food Budget.


You know how it goes. You try to try to stretch your budget to make ends meet and have to spend tons of your hard-earned money on foolish things like food.

What if there were a cheaper way to prepare everyday meals without having to break your pocketbook at the grocery store.

SHAZAM!!! There is. Eat bugs. Yum.

Yum....tasty, crunchy, but not too sweet

Yum….tasty, crunchy, but not too sweet

YES! Tons of free bugs just roaming around your yard that you could make delicious meals out of and it won’t, for the most part, cost you a fortune. Um, maybe just a bit for spices, just to make those little critters a bit tastier.

Bugs like, ants, worms, grasshoppers and maybe an occasional caterpillar. Which, may be easier to swallow considering the number of little feet they have.



For instance, in Mexico, maguey worms” which ARE actually caterpillars, are fried and mixed with garlic and butter and sold at Mexican restaurants. Which may explain why you might see a restaurant called, “Taco Worm.”

While you may not be able to snag a “maguey worm” in your own backyard, perhaps you might try a run of the mill grasshopper or cricket. Tasty and a bit crunchy. As long as you can get the image of Jiminy Cricket out of your mind you’ll be fine.jiminy2

And, if it still bothers you that you may be eating ol Jiminy, here’s a word of advice from the man himself……….

OK Pal...I'm gonna eat ya.....

OK Pal…I’m gonna eat ya…..

Actually, according to this article by the AP, in Bangkok, stir-fried grasshoppers seasoned with spices are sold on outdoor carts and they taste just like popcorn. Perhaps a great opportunity for Orville Redenbacher to market a new type of popcorn. “Orville Redenbacher’s Stir-Fried Grasshoppers.” Just add butter.

The Cremation of Orville Redenbacher,

Now personally, MY all time favorite insect would be the ant. Sooooo many ways to prepare this little guy. There are chocolate covered ants. Salted ants, and, if you’re one of those daring type people, just plain out of the box ants. Providing of course that ants come in a box, kinda like raisins.

Here’s a photo of a delicious ant sandwich array you might prepare for your next party.

6 Edible Insects You Can Try for Lunch If You're Feeling Adventurous
Damn…..did one of those just move?

Now I’m NOT into mealworms, even though this is one of the delicious meals mentioned in this article. Only because I’ve watched waaaay to many CSI and Criminal Minds shows where they use mealworms when they show a corpse that’s been lying around for a while. Yuk.

My thinking is that if you’re dining on a dish of mealworms and croak, then ironically they will eat you rather than you eating them.

Yet another photo showing just how delicious mealworms look.

6 Edible Insects You Can Try for Lunch If You're Feeling Adventurous

And, this quote from the AP article:

“Mealworms, or beetle larvae, can be fried and eaten on their own like a snack or worked into another dish, like this recipe for mealworm french fries. Research shows that eating mealworms may also be good for the planet. According to Smithsonian magazine, “a pound of mealworm protein, in particular, had a greenhouse gas footprint 1% as large as a pound of beef.”

Um….excuse me for just a sec………….

Honeeee……..forget making lunch. I’m really not very hungry right now.

Now our last option for making a very delicious meal. Locusts.

Yes, locusts. And Gawd knows if you live in one of those areas that from time to time gets invaded by a giant swarm of locusts, it could either be a bad thing or a good thing.locusts1

The bad thing, those suckers come in swarms and eat everything in site….maybe you as well.

The good news. If you know locusts are coming, do not eat for several days, as well as your family,…….hell, the whole town, and when those locusts come, fire up the grill and have a freakin’ feast.

I guess it’s a matter of who can move the fastest. The locusts as they swarm down on ya or you getting them on the grill. Kind of a toss-up.

So, there ya have it. Some really great ideas on how to save on your food budget.

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

I know this sounds like a really gross menu to consider, BUT, think of it in another way. Think of the money you’ll save on not having to buy “RAID,” Ant Cups, netting to repel locusts, getting freaked out if a caterpillar drops down your shirt, or a grasshopper leaps from the ground and lands on your hamburger while you’re cooking it on the grill.

Um, cept for that last one. Personally if I were cooking a hamburger and a grasshopper landed on my hamburger, I’d just let it fry with the burger. Who the hell is gonna know the difference.

Cause “I’M NOT gonna be the one eating it, AND, I’m sure as hell not gonna throw out a perfectly good hamburger.

Um......maybeeeee not

Um……maybeeeee not

Bon apptite.

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