And NOW….The Trump-Cruz Campaign Gets Ugly………Excluding the Nudity Of Course

I wasn’t really getting into the fight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over who’s suited to be the best GOP candidate to take on the Democratic nominee, BUT, now it’s getting verrrrry interesting.

I mean, who gives a rats ass about the pressing problems both candidates could take on if elected President. You know, stuff  like terrorism, the economy, poverty, etc, etc, etc, when all of us are more concerned about a more pressing problem…….whose wife is hotter and suited to be the next First Lady of the Yew United States of America.


Melania Trump

My first concern. If I’m gonna vote for a candidate obviously I want a hot looking First Lady.

So, in case you were either stoned, under a rock, or reading porno, or all of the mentioned, here’s what ya missed this week.

“Make America Awesome,” a group that supports Teddy Cruz, that lovable guy that most Republicans hate with a passion, BUT, will joyfully support him so that Donald Trump will not get the nomination, put this ad out there this week. (below)



Sooooo then, Trump countered by using his Twitter account to accuse his closest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, of using an old nude photograph Trump’s wife, Melania, in a campaign advertisement.

And then, The Donald said he would “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife Heidi.

NOTE: Cruz’s wife Heidi is NOT the same Heidi who lived in Switzerland many eons ago with her mountain-dwelling grandfather which was documented in a 1937 movie entitled, “Heidi.”

"Grandfather, will I ever seen uncle Teddy again?"

“Grandfather, will I ever seen uncle Teddy again?”

THEN……Trump posted this pic, (below) to make a point.

Um….WTF his point was beats the crap outta me. Unless he’s making the point that his wife Melania has Cruz’s wife beat in the looks department hands down. But, has nothing to do with beans or spilling them.


Cat fight! Cat fight!!!

So, not recalling anything like this in a Presidential campaign before, I decided to go into my “demented mind” mode today and head out to the “Face-In-The-Hole” site and use that first photo of (pant) Melania Trump at the top of today’s blog and see how other former First Ladies would compare to The Donald’s wife.

Wearing the same outfit of course.

Sooooooo… are my shoddy examples:


Barbara Bush

Well, ya gotta cut Barbara some slack here because she is a bit up in the years category, but, ya gotta admit, she still looks hot.

NOTE to H W Bush: Might wanna cut this one out and paste it on your fridge.


Rosalynn Carter

Hmmmm. Actually Rosalynn looks hot too. Jimmy once said, he lusted in his heart. Maybe this pic will get him to actually do some lusting other than in his heart.


Laura Bush

OMFG!!!! Laura Bush looks even hotter than the first few above. No wonder we haven’t seen Dubya in a while. Get yer camcorder out George and do some serious recordificating.


Hillary Clinton

Cripes…..even Hillary looks great. Eat your heart out Monica.
See, it just goes to show ya that if you have the right outfit when you’re a First Lady, a great set of boobs, cleavage, and a sexy smile, you can be just as alluring as Donald Trump’s wife. Even Ted Cruz’s wife could go this route.

Yep, no one wearing THAT outfit is really gonna look bad as far as I’m concerned.


Bill Clinton

Um, scrap that last comment. I stand corrected.

Just sayin.’

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