Silence Is Golden…….at least in my case.


Now if a candidate proposed THIS, hes got MY vote

I have no idea where that phrase came from, “silence is golden.” My guess, some guy pleading the 5th in front of a judge. Or, some guy caught cheating on his wife or girlfriend with the goods in his sweaty palms, (boobs) and pleads the fifth. Both, of which, seem like a logical explanation to me.

Anyhow, I’ve been kinda lying low this week, which isn’t very hard for me to do considering I’m only five feet four inches tall.

Why you ask? Ok, I’ll tell ya.

Politics. It’s driving me nutso.


HEY! WAIT! He DID say he’d ban Mexican jumping beans from crossing the border….does that count?

Used to be a time when you simply watched debates and went, “ho-hum.” And when election day came simply went out and voted. In fact, you could even have a civil discussion involving politics  with someone without being called an a**hole. Um, most of the time.

But, that said, which I just did, if you were paying attention, today’s political climate is like being in Hell and attempting to explain to the devil why he needs to install a really good air conditioning system.

Not since LBJ was in office and there were uprisings protesting Vietnam many eons ago have I ever seen such vitriol. Um….wait, cept for that one time when I watched “Blazing Saddles” and Mongo sucker punched a horse.

Which, when ya think about it, is exactly what’s happening today. But, at least this time it wasn’t an innocent horse.


Yep, a 78 year-old guy disagreed with a protester at a Trump rally in North Carolina so he took matters into his own senior citizen hands and sucker punched the guy. THEN……when asked by a reporter what else cold be done, “Well goleee gee whiz Festus, we may have to kill him.”

Yep, if someone disagrees with your politics, kill the motherf**ker. Worse yet, cut off his balls on national TV. Now THERE’S a reality show I’d personally watch. Not on a full stomach of course.

Ya see where I’m going with this folks.

(thinking for a sec as to where I’m going with this)


OK….got it……..

Oh yeah, that you can’t safely express your opposing opinions without someone, most likely a senior citizen, knocking your block off. Or, actually cutting your balls off. All in the name of politics of course. And if ya cut in front of a senior citizen when a store is handing out freebees.

Now where have I heard about this type of behavior before.

Hmmmm. (thinking)

OMFG!!!!!!!! I remember now. That one time famous historical political figure who won the hearts and minds of millions of people many years ago and became head of a country and really shaped things up.

Anyone remember Adolph Hitler? Nice guy, if you weren’t Jewish or disagreed with him or his followers.

If ya did….boy were you f**ked.


Hey… that the senior old guy carrying that shotgun?

Not that I’m insinuating that The Donald is anything like Adolph. After all, Donald doesn’t have a stupid looking moustache like Hitler had. Although, ya gotta admit, he DID have silly looking hair like Donald. Cept it wasn’t orange.

But hair and moustaches aside, Trump says a lot of things that all of us normal (cough) people may think at one time or another in our minds, BUT, never say because we’re smart enough to know that if we do we’d be called racists, or anti-Semitic, or have our balls cut off.

BUT……this is where the problem lies. The Donald says things that appeal to a lot of people who, as I said, would not say them in public to anyone, lest THEY have their balls cut off, or get sucker punched, so they revel at the Donald saying them instead.

THEN……if anyone dares to disagree with them, or Donald, like that 78 year-old guy, spring into action by taking matters into their own hands. Adolph would be proud.

Hillary, Bernie, where are ya when we need sanity?


Obviously Bernie got bitten by Trump first

Let me see if I can put this into a better context for ya.

You know those comment sections you find at the end of articles on the Internet where anyone can voice an opinion. Did ya ever notice, for the most part, that when someone posts a comment with all kinds of misspellings, hatred, name calling, and the “F” word most of the time they sign their names “anonymous” or use a fake name.

Why? Because 1. They can. 2. They can remain anonymous. 3. In normal everyday life no one pays any attention to them because they’re nut cases. 4. The Internet allows nutcases to come out from under their rocks………anonymously.

Now….yes now, they have a leader. The Donald.

You may disagree with my assessment of all this, but if ya think “I’M” a nut case, do some research on Adolph Hitlers rise and you will see the parallels. Minus, again, the orange hair, BUT, the really bad hair.

Hmmmm. Maybe that’s the clue. Never trust anyone with really bad hair.

Bad hair example 1

Bad hair example 1


Bad hair example 2

Bad hair example 2

Do ya think that’s the clue? Bad hair? trumphairblowdryer

Well it’s worth considering. However, as credible as that may sound, I’m still going with the appeal The Donald has to a lot of people.

That being, as I mentioned earlier, his platform. Which is, “F**k the establishment, f**k mainstream politics, f**k Hispanics, immigrants, Mexicans, African-Americans, Putin, Obamacare, ex wives, (he has 2) small whiny barking dogs, the media, the makers of Rogaine, (doesn’t work for him) Iowans, (said they have corn on the brain) The Disabled, (mocked a disabled reporter) Asians, Muslims, 7th Day Adventists, (not to mention 8th and 9th day ones too) and finally, women.

Um, did I leave anyone out?

Oh….Italians. Um…..well he hasn’t done that yet as far as I know, but, considering “I’M” Italian and he may read this blog, I may be next.
“OH YEAH! Well f**k off Donald, you damn panty waisted lemon mouthed orange haired loudmouth hate spewing idiot!!!!!”

Um…jussssst in case you don’t say anything bad about Italians……..I’m soreeeeee.



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