Days You Should Be Celebrating In March………Leprechauns Included


Here we are once again honoring the many events during the month of March. Foreskin….um….soreeeeee, I meant, “foremost” St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish.

For once the dog is right.....

(sigh) The dog’s right….I just couldn’t help myself.

Yep, we celebrate, (we, meaning EVERYBODY!!!!!) St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. In honor, of course, (duh) St. Patrick.

The traditional version

The traditional version

The more accepted version

The more accepted version

So, to all my Irish followers, Happy St. Patrick’s Day……..try not to overdo it on the suds… KNOW what happens……………irish2And, of course, the standard Irish one liner before we get into the rest of the days you should be celebrating this month.irish10Ok……March 1st is “National Pig Day.” The four-legged ones you idiot.

Sometimes ya just have to make these things perfectly clear. I was going to say take a pig to lunch, but that would negate that last “four-legged” clarification above, so we’ll scrap that suggestion and say, enjoy a BLT or a ham sandwich.

Yet in another dimension........

Yet in another dimension……..

Also on the 1st is “Peanut Butter Lovers Day.”

HEY! Where do ya think peanuts come from pal....

HEY! Where do ya think peanuts come from pal….


And what does it take to be happy today, or, the rest of your life? To that, I defer to Jimmy Soul and words of wisdom.

The 3rd is also, “If Pets Had Thumbs Day.” Obviously they’d be hitchhiking rather than attempting to cross roads and becoming sailcats, or dogs, or skunks, or squirrels. Make sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me is Who TF thought up THIS day.

Wheels on Meals - the Crow world's version of Meals on Wheels delivering roadkill to the old.

March 4th is “Holy Experiment Day.” And of course, we all recall the first “holy” experiment…..which worked…….need I say more.water1Which of course led to the invention of Fruit of the looms.

March 5th is “Multiple Personality Day” I can relate to this one myself. I’ve had all sorts of multiple personalities when I was famous as a disc jockey and those hot multiple personality babes from rock groups and I would head up to my motel room and………WAIT!

Um…scrap that, I meant today is the day it’s ok to have more than one personality.

Um, no, that’s not right either. Damn! WTF is Multiple Personality Day anyhow?

OK...I get it now.....

OK…I get it now…..I think, or my other personality gets it, or the other one…..or……

The 8th is, “Be Nasty Day.” Figures, it’s the same month as the Super Tuesday primaries. Now who should we get to be nasty on this special day? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Need I say more......


Followed on March 9th by, “Panic Day.” Which I’m assuming if The Donald sweeped a lot of those states on Super Tuesday many mainstream Republicans will be doing.

PANIC!!!! OMFG!!!!

PANIC!!!! OMFG!!!!

The 11th is “Worship Tools Day.” Ladies, this day is for men only. Service will be held at all Lowes and Home Depot stores with the Reverend Tim Allen.

The Reverand Tim Allen

The Reverend Tim Allen

And of course you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that March 15th is “Ides of March Day.” Yes, the day Julius Caesar wished he had called in sick instead of going to work.

Shakespeare actually had to paraphrase Julius Caesar's last words.
March 20th is “Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.” I’m assuming extraterrestrials know that this is the one day they can legally abduct anyone and not be arrested or have their butts hauled away to Area 51.ufo2
And finally, on the March 27 we celebrate Easter. Well, some of us. Mainly bunnies and chocolate egg manufacturers. (notice how I slyly avoided the religious connection)

Yes…..Easter is the time once again to give homage to those poor neglected chickens who do all the work laying eggs and painting them only to have that stinkin’ Easter Bunny get all the credit.

Welllll, not in THIS blog pal.

No sireeeeee……’s further proof it’s the Easter Chicken that should be getting all the credit…

I rest my case......

I rest my case……

Let’s hear it for the Easter Chicken………………….

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