It’s (sniff) Soooooo Sad When Your (sniff) Computer…..Dies. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


We are…..”I” am…er….the “computer” is up and running thanks to some creative surgery (sledgehammer and my friend Bobby’s geekness tactics……duct tape and glue) and so far I’ve had no problems other than seeing an image of Donald Trump’s face on my start up page. (since has been deleted)

So, hopefully things will be back to normal and as soon as my mind gets back to its demented stage I will resume writing nonsense until the next crisis.

Thanks for your patience.

(the management….me)


Yes folks, I knew (sob) the day was coming. All the signs were there for the past few months.

Freezing, long times to log on, having to re-start every few days, and the worst, it was running a high temperature. Didn’t look too well either….kind of pale looking.

I expected it. So it came as no surprise. Even notified its relatives, (Dell, HP, Acer, IBM) the time was near.computer6

Then it happened this morning. It went into a deep coma. Of course I took immediate CPR action. Re-booted it feverishly. Gave it a shot of diagnostics. Then called the medics who also performed strenuous (phone medics) CPR on the PC. (sob) To no avail. It remained in a coma.computer7

I think it’s actually brain-dead as I see no signs of life other than a blank screen.computer3

Oh yeah, and all kinds of doom and gloom computer notices when I attempted to fix it by using the tools menus. Stuff like, “Boy are you f**ked pal.” And, “Sorry bunky, looks like ya may have to fork over some biggggg bucks to have this piece of garbage repaired or buy a new one.”

Sooooo. I kept trying, never one to give up, and fix it myself.computrr8I also figured jusssst in case that plan worked, I might be able to help other computer owners as well that may be experiencing problems…..computer4I also let my other half have a go at it, but, you know how impatient and hot-tempered women can be if things don’t work immediately……..computer11

So, (sigh) goodbye ol friend. Goodbye files, cartoons, old blogs, photos, naked pics of Betty White and Bettie Page (sniff)

If you have no idea who Bettie Page is you don’t have a computer as old as mine… old………computer1

Now, (sob) all I have left is its love child. This laptop which I only use to browse the Internet. And it’s even acting up as it’s operating on WiFi and most likely senses its  mother has passed on. (I’m not going to break the news to it yet)

So, with regard to replacing the brain-dead PC……..can’t.

Waaaaay too expensive on my budget to go that route. Simply can’t spare the funds to buy another PC.

And I DID try tech support a second time, but……



So, all that said, which I just did, it may be far and in between blog posts what with all  of  my files and photos gone and the fact, at least to me, its way harder for me personally to write on a laptop.

Also, the fact that the main PC being down is affecting this laptop. It continues to freeze up.

Which leads me to use a lot of !@#$@!#!!!!! words.

Soooooooo, again, alllllllll that said, once again, which I just did, again, should I be missing from the blogosphere for a bit, you will understand why.

In the meantime, unless I hit the lottery and can afford to buy a new PC, please enjoy past posts as well as all the other great bloggers here on WordPress.

See ya down the road….at some point.

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