A Musical MisfitWisdom Sunday……You Can Thank Me Later……..


Yes people……I once had hair.

Sometimes ya gotta just lay back and smell the roses. In my case, it’s vinyl 45’s.

(sniff, sniff)

Ahhh, the smell of vinyl records.

Anyhow, being Sunday and thinking of my favorite saying after a day and night of snowfall and now the sun shining brightly, “What A Beautiful Day…..Just Watch Some Shithead Come Along And Screw it Up.”

But, I ain’t gonna let that happen. At least not to me. I can’t speak for you, but it ain’t gonna happen to me pal.

In fact, my heartfelt thanks to my neighbors Vickie and Tom for, (especially Tom) for snow blowing my driveway this morning. One more snowfall where they don’t have to look out their window and see an old geezer lying face down in the snow after attempting to shovel a ton of freakin’ snow.'This guy's going to collapse any minute, and when he does, we hit him up for $50 to finish his driveway!'

Bastards wise ass pissants. Little do THEY know I’m prepared……………..

Always prepared.....jussssss in case

Always prepared…..jusssssst in case

So, being laid back on this Sunday, I’m kinda reminiscing about the old days of radio and some songs that I really liked, not necessarily big hits, but still worth remembering. Which I burnt to CD for those times I’m out tooling in my truck.

Thought I’d share them with you today in case you just wanna veg out and join me remember these tunes, or, if you haven’t heard any of them, perhaps discovering some really great music. Or……saying to yourselves, boy has this guy got some really weird tastes in music.

Enjoy….or not.

First on my list is a one hit wonder, Hamilton Camp with something called, “Here’s To You.”

There have been a lot of songs named “Solitaire.” Notably by the Carpenters and by Laura Brannigan. But have ya ever heard this one by Peter McIan.

Jackie DeShannon was one of my favorite artists…and, I might add, a bombshell, (pant) and on my Facebook page. Not that she knows who the hell I am or anything, but I friended her anyhow. Here’s Jackie with “Vanilla O’Lay.

There was a ship tragedy last month where an entire crew lost their lives when the ship sank during a violent storm. It reminded me of Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

Ray Stevens is best known for doing a lot of comedy singles. But, he did have one song that always sticks with me that wasn’t a comedy cut. You might remember Johnny Mathis’ song “Misty.” Listen to Ray do his version of it.

As you can tell by now, being a disc jockey for many eons my musical tastes vary from the norm to the OMFG what the hell kind of musical tastes does this guy have. BUT….you gotta understand that when you’re on da radio, you really have no choice but to play what management sez ya have to play. Cept….late at night when they’re sleeping….then you go hog-wild nutso. Which, explains my weird taste in music.

As in this rarity by the Chiffons entitled, “Nobody Knows Whats Going On In My Mind But Me.” As in my mind today….which you can tell by the content of many of my blogs.

This next one isn’t really strange, and it did get some air play, but not as much as “Tonight’s The Night” by the Shirelles. This one was of my favorites however. “I Met Him On A Sunday.”

Cyndi Lauper is best known for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Yep, once again I go off the grid and chose a lesser known song by Cyndi, “I Drove All Night.”

I wasn’t into a lot of today’s music but on occasion I did pick up on a few new groups that caught my ear. Actually both ears. This one by the Wallflowers I especially liked called, “One Headlight.” Which reminds me, I DO have one headlight out…..on my truck….not on me. Which I KNEW you were sarcasticly thinking.

Well, so far you get my point. I have strange musical tastes. HEY! If it makes ya happy, WTF! As in this one by Sheryl Crow, “If It Makes You Happy.” HEY! Is THAT Sarah Palin’s moose in this video?

Now for years, actually eons, between radio gigs I relied on my what should have been my chosen profession, driving a taxi. Considering I spent as much years driving taxi as I did on the radio. Did I mention being a disc jockey wasn’t a very secure job?

Anyhow, no reason to explain why I like this song by Counting Crows, “Big Yellow Taxi.”

(isn’t it rather strange that I followed up Sheryl “Crow” with Counting “Crows.” Go figure)

Time for one of my favorite uptempo but cutesy songs that’s kinda catchy. I’m a sucker for bouncy songs like those that ABBA did. But, I’m restricted from playing any ABBA songs by my other half while she is in the house. (sigh) So, I’ll slip this one in by Limahl instead, “Never Ending Story.”

The following two videos are by The Traveling Wilburys which consisted of some of the greatest rock and rollers of all time. George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, and most notably Roy Orbison. These recording sessions would be one of the last for Orbison who passed away in 1988. This first one is “Last Night” which is really funny. Think “teeth.”

The second Traveling Wilbury’s cut, “End Of The Line,” is poignant as it was recorded as a subtle tribute to Orbison’s passing. While you watch the video pay attention to the empty rocking chair with Orbison’s guitar sitting on it.

To complete todays’ music blog, and to further show you that my musical tastes are off the wall, here’s one I played the hell out of when I was at WICE radio in Providence, R.I. and nobody gave a rats ass what the hell I played on the air. Even management. To end today’s event, Bert Bacharach with “Something’s Big.”

HEY! I told ya from the beginning I had strange tastes. Which is also why I eat a lot of really hot jalapenos.

Hope you enjoyed today’s musical interlude.
Now back to reality.

“Yes dear, I’ll put my boots on, scarf, heavy jacket, and tromp out in the snow to the backyard and feed the freakin’ birds.Dick feeding the birds cart


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