“PALIN ENDORSES TRUMP.” I Told Ya Cartoonists Would Have A Field Day.


Happeeeeee Daaaays are here again…happeeee, happeeee, happeeee, ……oh joy…….ecstasy…..jubilation……drag out the crayons……Sarah Pailin’s baaaaaaaack.

Listen to da moose

Listen to da moose

So I assume was the feeling when Sarah blessed us all and returned to the limelight by endorsing Donald trump for President.

Yep….there she was in all her glitzy attire endorsing The Donald, and what was my first thought after hearing her on TV…..




For once the dog is right

For once the dog is right

And, as if running your nails down a blackboard wasn’t enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand out, and other places as well, nothing Palin EVER says in ANY sentence EVER makes any sense. As “The Daily Kos” so aptly put it:

“Sarah Palin remains largely untranslatable. She lives in her own little world, and describes it to the rest of us by shouting into a crystal vase of battery acid and leaving us to decipher the vibrations.”

Sooooo, without further delay, here’s cartoonists having a virtual “climax” over Sarah’s bigggggggg endorsement.

Enjoy.The Birther and the Bimbo

Cue in Jiminy Cricket, “Whennnnn Youuuuuu Wish Upon A Starrrrr.”TP3


Yep……kind of a toss up here………………..tp5
And now folks, “The Great Trumponi!!!!!!”
The Iowa circus…………………….tp8
Gawd bless the New York Daily Newstp11
As that famous philosopher Flit Comery…um…..Grit Flommy…(DAMN!) um….I GOT IT! Mitt Romney once said, “Village idiots are people too.”tp9

And finally, the all important “Palinisms.”tp15
So there ya have it folks. Cartoonists, as I predicted, having the ultimate “come off” over Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

As for me, a blogger, with no cartooning skills whatsoever, other than drawing stick figures, this was my reaction………..

And when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump.....

And when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump…..

Just sayin.’

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