OK Already….I Admit It. I Do Wanna Smack That Freakin’ Peter Pan Brat.

Count me in.......

Count me in…….

TV commercials for the most part annoy the f**k outta me as it is. Which is why some genius invented the “mute” button. To which I say, “Thank Gawd for THAT!

Such is the case with that inane Peter Pan Geico commercial.

Now for the most part I do enjoy that little Gecko creature when he’s in those commercials. Especially the latest one where he’s living in a small New York apartment and gets Chinese take out delivered to his apartment.

BUT….that one with Peter Pan is just outright annoying. Ya wanna just smack the bejesus outta that kid.

I know, the kid annoys the hell outta me too....I think I have a headache

I know, the kid annoys the hell outta me too….I think I have a headache

Maybe that was the point Geico was trying to make. Beats me. But, if “I” were that kid I sure as hell would get a life insurance policy because at some point someone’s gonna beat the livin’ crap outta him.

I believe, considering disdain for this kid has been all over social media sites, that there may be a movement to capture the little SOB and send him back to wherever his little annoying butt came from. Was it Neverland?

Wendy, having had enough of Peter Pan's also bailed out

Sensing that Wendy was the only sane person to save the rest of them from Peter Pan’s idiocy, they begged her to come back to Neverland


Wasn’t that Michael Jackson’s place as well. WTF?

Um, come to think of it Michael did have some foot moves reminiscent of Peter Pan. But, um, Michael never flew. As far as I know.

Personally, if I had the assignment of doing in that little prick, I’d either swat the bastard with a giant fly swatter if he ever came as close to me as he does in that commercial with the guy sitting at the table and Peter Pan has his foot in his face.

Option # 1

Option # 1

OR……buy up all that fly strip sticky stuff ya hang from ceiling that flys get their feet stuck on and hope Peter Pan suffers the same fate as many a fly.

Option # 1

Option # 2

Option 3, in case ya

Option # 3

Who the hell invited that little twerp to that party in the first place anyhow? Find out who THAT idiot was and scratch him off future lists as well.

Yes, I know, but what about Tinker Bell?


Too freakin’ bad if she gets caught on that sticky fly stuff too. Ya wanna hang around with a obnoxious brat, suffer the consequences Tinker. Ya do have better choices ya know. Like hangin’ out with the Keebler Elves or something for cripes sake.


Known commonly today as Tijuana Gold

On top of all that, the little weasel flies around the room singing, “You Make Me Feel So Young” as if to rub in everyone’s face that they’re old and he’s still wearing diapers. Reason enough there to wanna kick his little Peter Pan ass.

THEN, on top of all that he insults a JoAnn by saying she doesn’t look a day over 70! WTF. If that were me I’d have sprayed the bastard with RAID. Hey….if it works on insects, why not….can’t hurt.

Hey Geico……..get back to the gecko and fire that freakin’ little twerp and send him back to Neverfuckingland. Or waaaaay up there in Oregon where those people are holed up in some warehouse or something defying the government. See how long his little ass will be tolerated with those uptight people.

“Hey Festus…..gimmie an Uzi…..ahm gonna blow that little obnoxious’ bastards pantyhose off for once and for all.”


An Oregon moment

Hey, at least if that little gecko were at THAT party the most anyone would have to put up with is the little guy singin’, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

And if that gets to be too much, or if he too becomes a pain in the butt, there’s always the “frog legs” option for an appetizer.kermit1

Just sayin.’

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