New Hampshire Wants To Ban WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I don’t get too upset when politicians try to enact new laws, (yeah right) that seem rather stupid to me. Which is usually every other day.

Which makes me say to myself, “Hey Mrs. Frosfern, (my high school teacher) na, na, na, na na, na when you said “I” was so stupid I’d never amount to anything…..not even a politician! Guess what……….thank Gawd I didn’t.”school2

Now here’s an example of why smart ass Elmer Zordnerf, who sat next to me in high school, picked his nose and (blaggh) ate it, and always raised his hand when the teacher asked a question and got all gold stars and A’s on his report card made it to the top of the heap and became a politician.

I submit to you this article by Walter Einenkel, (and you thought those names “I” made up were weird) for “The Daily Kos.”

“New Hampshire Republican House speaker Shawn Jasper had to tell his fellow Republicans to “act with dignity, to act with respect, because we represent not only ourselves but our constituents and, in fact, the entire state of New Hampshire,” at the opening of the 2016 New Hampshire legislative session. Why did he have to say this?

Jasper’s admonishment comes after two male legislators were criticized for crude Facebook comments aimed at Democratic representative Amanda Bouldin, who opposed the legislation and noted that it had only male sponsors. The bill would make it a misdemeanor for women to purposely expose their nipples publicly without regard for whether it might offend or alarm someone. It includes an exemption for breastfeeding.

Example of breastfeeding in public

Example of breastfeeding in public

In response to Bouldin’s Facebook post, Republican representative Josh Moore, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, wrote that women who want to expose their breasts should have no problem with a man’s inclination to stare at it and “grab it.”

Al Baldasaro, another Republican, chimed in to disparage Bouldin’s appearance.

“No disrespect, but your nipple would be the last one I would want to see,” he wrote. “You want to turn our family beach’s (sic) into a pervert show.”

Ok…..there ya have it folks. Politics and politicians at their very best. Debating exposing women’s nipples. And MY high school teacher thought “I” was a flake. Go figure.

Now in all of my entire life I have NEVER EVER seen or attended a political campaign event where women’s nipples were brought up…er……or shown…or……”pointed” out. (sorry)

OK....OK....I'm not!

OK….OK….I’m not!

The point here, or points, considering WE ARE discussing women’s nipples, or, the New Hampshire legislature is, is that WTF are these politicians doing in freakin’ New Hampshire when there’s so many other important things that need to be discussed. Other than woman’s nipples.

Like why is it every person who owns a vehicle in New Hampshire is always pissed off and has a death wish if they don’t get their own way?


Cripes, chill out will ya N.H. residents

Cripes, chill out will ya N.H. residents

So, my advice to these legislators in New Hampshire is to give boobs a break fellas. If ya wanna live free or die, as your motto sez on your license plates, then free the nipples. Or…..freakin’ die. Makes sense to me.

In conclusion, with regard to representative Josh Moore, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, who wrote “that women who want to expose their breasts should have no problem with a man’s inclination to stare at it and “grab it.”

Right on Josh. My kinda guy. He knows how us men think. Bet he doesn’t live in New Hampshire, or if he does, he most likely has one of those vanity plates that sez under that “live free or die” motto, “ONLYKIDDING.”

DO you actually think Josh, who co-sponsored that bill would actually look the other way if HE saw a woman exposing her nipples? Do ya punk.

Yeah….like I would…(cough)

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to New Hampshire Wants To Ban WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Good thing I don’t live in New Hampshire. If a man grabs my boobs I’d hit him with a crowbar!
    But you are right. Why the hell are they debating this at all? Waste of time and taxpayer dollars!

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