Did You Ever Come Up With A Lamebrain Idea….and thought it would work?

Yeah, but ya gotta give me credit for being consistantly stupid

Yeah, but ya gotta give me credit for being consistently stupid

**************************UPDATE (see note at bottom)***************************

Yes, me being no exception, I’ve had countless lamebrain ideas, none of which ever panned out, but, that said, which I just did, ya just never give up.

Sooooooo, I thought I’d start 2016 out on the wrong foot, as I did 2015, just to get this year’s lamebrain idea over with, then I can relax. And continue on with other stupid stuff, like writing this blog, the rest of the year. Sounds completely logical to me.


Yes……..hours of napping on my sofa thinking of stupid ideas

So this is my “lamebrain” idea to start the year off on my usual wrong foot.

I was taking my usual afternoon siesta when this thought entered my mind. Which was, why people donate to certain causes. We all, at one time or another do that.

Because I suffer from, “poorfluenza” as I mentioned in my last blog, I contribute to causes in other ways other than cash, which I don’t have usually. And when I do have cash, I usually spend it foolishly on stupid stuff like groceries, gas, and prescription drugs.

And an occasional donut.

OK….OK….maybe a coffee too.


Which we all keep……

But, I do contribute in other ways. Throughout the course of the year, we, my other “poorfluneza”  half, donate hand-made blankets to our local animal shelter. Obviously because we love animals and it IS a good cause.

And, we always drop our loose change or a buck into collection pots if we come across one, such as the Salvation Army Christmas collections, Girl Scouts, local fund-raisers etc.

So, what has this all have to do with my lamebrain idea you ask?

Oops.......that would be me....

Oops…….that would be me….

I’ll tell ya. Each and every day bloggers such as myself put a lot of effort into either making you laugh, posting stories about their lives, telling you interesting facts, presenting you with unusual insights into many varied subjects or offering commentary on various issues.

Some support their blogs by advertisements. Which is fine. Personally I choose not to go that route because I hate advertisements, pop ups, etc. and want my blog to be ad free. And I’ve kept it that way for the entire six years it’s been in existence.

Instead I chose to include a “donate” link via PayPal at the end of each blog. As do other blogs. In the six years this blog has been up and running, I’ve received two donations.

That either means my blog sucks, or all of you reading this suffer from “poorfluenza” too. (sigh)


Um….I resemble that remark Maxine

So, that said, which I just did again, here’s my lame brain idea.

If you, like myself, can drop a buck into a donation pot, or your loose change as a tip to anyone who waits on you, like at a Dunkin Donuts etc, think about how that adds up over the course of a day. A dollar here, a dollar there, fifty cents here and fifty cents there and SHAZAM! you can retire.

Um…well, that’s pushing it a bit, but you get the point.

Example of what a dollar looks like.....kinda

Example of what a dollar looks like…..kinda…..which YOU could donate to a blogger…..yep ONE measly dollar.

YES….one dollar to a blogger means a lot. After all, think about what people spend money on daily and for the most part spend lots of dollars on, and what do they get……(see cartoon below)


I makeith my point…………..

But for your one dollar to any blog you make a blogger happy and get all this stupid stuff for FREE!!!!!

So, to my fellow bloggers, and readers, here’s (finally) my lamebrain idea. Suppose all of you with blogs send me your blog link including your donation link and I in turn repost it. And perhaps someone will actually make a donation to your site. Then, YOU can pay it forward by taking another bloggers link and donating to them. Is THAT a lamebrain idea or what!

And, even if someone only donates one dollar, (which personally would make MY day) hey, it worked. And if you get more than one dollar, even better.

For instance, my followers number over 500 worldwide. If every one of them donated one dollar, yes, “ONE DOLLAR” the same as tipping someone at Dunkin Donuts, would you be happy? Of course, because that one dollar added up to $500 dollars, which you could then pass a bit of it on to other bloggers.

Yes, you’re thinking to yourselves, “Hey whaddya nuts Misfit! That’s a freakin’ lamebrain idea that’ll never work you idiot!”

To which I’d reply, “Oh Yeah! Well they said the same thing about pet rocks too pal.” (which I actually bought years ago and made some guy very rich)

And you thought MY idea was bad

And you thought MY idea was bad

So, now that I’ve presented all of you with this year’s lamebrain idea, you can either start things off my making a donation by clicking on MY link below, (only a dollar) which would give me great satisfaction in knowing that maybe my idea wasn’t so lamebrained after all, or, that you have the same kind of demented mind as I do.

And, should I receive more than one dollar, I in turn will pass it forward to another blogger.

Bloggers reading this, send me your blog site and link in my comments section and I’ll have my staff put you on the list.

(I actually have no staff to speak of unless you count me and my other half……..which is a staff to me)

My previous staff...........

My previous staff………..

So there ya have it. The MisfitWisdom lamebrain idea for 2016.

Gawd, I feel so much better getting that one off my chest. Now I can go on to bigger and better lamebrain ideas.

Like spending all of 2016 coming up with ideas for writing this inane blog that no one EVER donates to.


Soooooo THAT’S why I thought of this idea! Damn!

(updates on this lamebrain idea including any actual donations and blog links will follow)

(UPDATE) 1/3/16 – When I awoke this morning and stumbled into my office (it’s a closet but I call it an office) and opened my email I said to myself, Holy Cow” as holy cows go, because I received my first honest go goodness actual donation after posting this blog. As promised, I’m thanking anyone who was kind enough to donate.

Today’s donation from the great state of Texas was from “OboeJoe” whose name in the Federal Witness Protection Program is Mark Hardman. Thanks again Mark. : )

DONATE & SUPPORT: The “lamebrain” MisfitWisdom PayPal link:

PayPal.me/misfitwisdom  –  (copy & paste this link to make a donation)

Copyright 2016 MisfitWisdom RLV

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7 Responses to Did You Ever Come Up With A Lamebrain Idea….and thought it would work?

  1. What a great post. Love the village idiot concept and its update ! 😂

  2. OboeJoe says:

    It sounds like you are suggesting some sort of blogger Ponzi scheme. I like it!

  3. OboeJoe says:

    I never said that it would be a well run or profitable Ponzi scheme. You’re the brains of the operation after all. 😉

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