Holy Cow! Literally! Guess What The Hottest Item Is On Amazon and eBay.

Cow Chips Happen,

If you’re one of those people who like to get in on the latest hot selling items, get out your credit cards and head for Amazon or eBay.

Boy have I got the tip of the century for ya. Honest!

Ready….here it is.

Cow dung.

The hot selling item..er.....items

The hot selling item..er…..items

Yep…..believe it or not, swear to God, and hope to die, um….well, maybe not that last one, but honest, cow dung is one of the hottest selling items on Amazon and eBay. Go figure.

And all this time I’ve been saving squirrel poop. (I have a lot of squirrels in my yard)

So here’s the poop, er, dung on this amazing hot selling item.

'Now take a look at this. Someone is making a fortune, and it's not us!...'

‘Now take a look at this. Someone is making a fortune, and it’s not us!…’

In New Delhi, India, Indians, (not the Cleveland or Native American ones) are flocking to online sites in droves to purchase cow dung patties. AND….according to the article by the Associated Press those “cow patties are selling like hot cakes.”

Although I would think hot cakes would be a bit much tastier.

BUT WAIT! Why you ask are Indians flocking, as flocking goes, to purchase cow patties?


Um…no, that’s not the reason….however it is rather tempting

Well, simple. Unlike us stoopid Americans who would rather play frisbee with cow patties, the Indians use them for fuel. YES….fuel. (this does not mean you should immediately run out to a local pasture teaming with cows, collect as much cow patties as you can, and attempt to stuff them into your gas tank)

NO…..the fuel Indians make out of cow patties is special cow poop mixed with hay, which we all know cows eat, and in India they use them to fuel their homes. And women, who were mentioned in the AP article as making the cow poop by adding in more hay.

So, I’m assuming either the cows do not eat enough hay, so the women mix in more hay with the poop, or cows just do not poop enough hay and poop combined. Makes sense to me.cow6

Now because women in rural areas of India have been using cow poop for a long time and there is a great demand for this type of fuel, and I guess because cows just aren’t pooping enough to keep up with poop demands, entrepreneurs are jumping on the poop bandwagon

Some retailers say they are offering discounts for large orders. Not sure if this means large cow poop or orders of large cow poop. My guess would be if ya order a lot of cow poop.

Um, again, believe it or not, some customers are asking for gift wrapping too. Dung for all occasions I guess.cow3

Which raises the all important questions of, how exactly do ya wrap cow poop? Who exactly do ya send cow poop to? And most importantly, how does eBay, Amazon, FedEx and UPS deal with the flies at their distribution facilities?

"Granted it's not much of a superpower. But the flies seem to like it."

Just sayin.’

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  1. Holy Shit! Damn. Nice post😆

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