The Perfect Christmas Gift…..Share Your Lottery Winnings With Someone……um…ME!!!!!


'I appreciate the grovelling Whitworth, but don't lick my shoes - it ruins the leather!'

‘I appreciate the grovelling Misfit, but don’t lick my shoes – it ruins the leather!’ (I was next in line)

As you can tell, I love to grovel. Do I have any shame? Nope.

Why is that you ask.

Well, I’ll tell ya. I figure if you won a gazillion dollars on any lottery YOU should be, during this Christmas season, sharing with others. Others…..namely being….me.lot2

After all, I do share all this wonderful (cough) creative blog stuff with you month after month….for FREE!!!! AND…….ya can’t even compare that to cable or satellite TV considering what those SOB’s charge you!! Bastards.

Now if I personally won a really big lottery I have a list of people who I’d share it with. Special people who would not even suspect they’re on my list, but are, for a number of reasons.

So, that said, which I just did, perhaps you, yeah you who hit the lottery might wanna consider doing the same. Um, you can put me at the bottom of your list after giving to………….

Your local animal shelter so that homeless animals will continue to be fed and cared for. Especially on Christmas Eve when they are all alone.shel3

You know those homeless people you occasionally see pushing an old shopping cart full of cans, or, their life possessions……….think they could use some help?homel2


Winning the lottery is great, but think of the great feeling you’ll have this time of the year after you watched a news story on TV or read an article about someone who lost their home, or someone stole their wheelchair, or their handicapped van, and YOU helped them get those back.handi1

How about seniors living the rest of their lives in a rest home with nothing to look forward to but dying. Think of the joy you could bring to them by being a secret Santa and making some wishes come true for them.

Retirement Communities

Yes, its great to hit the lottery. But personally I think its greater to pass to it on. No, I’m NOT saying give it all away, obviously YOU should enjoy it as well.

BUT…….does anyone, including yours truly really need a gazillion dollars? Even a million? It doesn’t really buy happiness. Yes, it makes you happy, as it would me, but, speaking for myself, I’d sure as hell enjoy it, BUT, I’d pass it on.

So, this holiday season, if you’ve hit it big, think about it for a minute. Who would YOU like to help? What will make you feel great, besides spending your winnings.

Perhaps making others happy.

So, when I say, as in my header, “The Perfect Christmas Gift….Share Your lottery Winnings With Someone…um…ME!!!”

That would be great….BUT……put those other people I mentioned FIRST.

THEN…….if ya have a few bucks left over, what the hell, if ya give a few to me, I’ll pass some of it on as well.

Isn’t that part of what the spirit of holiday giving is all about.

Along with my usual grovelling………………


Please….just a cat snack……

Just sayin.’

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3 Responses to The Perfect Christmas Gift…..Share Your Lottery Winnings With Someone……um…ME!!!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I follow a local TV news station on facebooks, and they’re doing a food drive for the poor. The comments are shockingly terrible, “How many of these people are illegals?” and “If you can’t afford it, don’t get pregnant!” and “I will keep my money because I made good life decisions!”

    Every time I think I’ve seen the worst in humans, we get worse.

  2. katydidknot says:

    PS. Just checked my mail box and THANK YOU. Merry Christmas!!!!

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