EXPOSE’ The Real Life Barbie. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may all by now, it doesn’t take much to get me off on a tangent, or start writing a blog that I was inspired to write by observing what someone, usually of the same demented mind-set as me, posted on Facebook.

Such was the case when my friend from eons ago, Donna, posted this recent photo of Barbie.barbie tuirns 50

I was totally shocked I tell ya. Shocked.

Only because I had no idea Barbie smoked.

And I was shocked even more at these photos uncovered in the Barbie family scrapbook……barbie4Which led Mattel, the makers of Barbie to do this……..barbie1

So, after getting over being totally shocked, I decided I needed to pursue this further by looking more into the life of Barbie. Now that she’s old and most likely will at some point write her autobiography and we’ll get to see the real Barbie anyhow.

As you already know, Barbie’s boyfriend and live in lover was Ken. Sooooo, do we have a photo of life with the beautiful couple? Why I thought you’d never ask……


Seeeee, no different from you and I

Yep….both Barbie and Ken led ideal lives just like you and I. And even did a lot of the things we do today…………..which is why this year you have THIS Barbie……barbie11

And of course going with the flow, Barbie also had done what a lot of women have done who reach the age of 50…….


I wanna be just like her momeeeee

So Barbie had it quite good for a lot of years until she had a big falling out with Ken, who she found out had been messing around with some cheap floosie Bratz doll.


Angelina Jolinezkorva rumored to be Ken’s new lover

Unfortunately, contrary to Ken growing older with Barbie, which was not the case,  Barbie took matters into her own hands………………


Attempting to clean up the crime scene after murdering Ken

However, that wasn’t enough. On a high from her dastardly deed, she took revenge out on other unsuspecting boyfriends…………..


Another murderous crime scene

But, like all criminals, Barbie, found in a drunken stupor, was finally apprehended by a very smart CSI team and arrested and booked…….


Official police photo

So Barbie, now at age of 56, is behind bars forever.

And little kiddies today will most likely not even remember who she was. And will never ask their parents around Christmas time that all important question……………….


Bet ya didn’t know that did ya…..

Soooooooo. Now that Barbie is a senior and behind bars, what is one to do?

Simple…………you find a real life Barbie…or…….one that looks like her….like model Valeria Lukyanova……….

And no hinges guys.....

And no plastic hinges guys…..

OK…OK…oneeeeeeeeeeee more……



Which means those (above) are better than this (below)

Sooooo....your choice....hinges or not hinges

Sooooo….your choice….hinges or no hinges (she’s also missing a verrrry important lower hinge guys)

Soreeeeee Mattel, I’m asking Santa for the real life Barbie……..ONE MORE TIME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Santa

Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Santa

Sorreeeeeeeee again………but you know how shallow us guys are.

Damn dog......

Damn dog……

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Then again……..you may be of a different opinion……xmas20151Copyright 2015 MisfitWisdom RLV

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(for more of Valeria Lukyanova follow this link)





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