“TIME Magazine” Thinks We’re Stoooopid……

Such a deal.......

Such a deal…….

Now if I wanted to use some or all of the seven words ya can’t say on TV, (thanks to the late George Carlin) I could easily not offend anyone by simply putting these, ****** thingys in place of a key letter. Like say, f**k.

That way nobody on the face of the earth would know what it actually said.

I mean, it could say, “fork,” or “fluk,” (Chinese pronunciation of f**k) So you get my point here….I think.

Soooooo. When TIME, in its latest edition highlighted some of the most memorable quotes of the year, I had nooooooo idea what that word with the one “-” in it meant.jon st last words

Could be motherfockers, (relatives of Meet the Frockers) or motherfcckers, (people who stutter maybe) motherfrckers, (Jonathan Winters’ distant grandmother Ma Fricker) or perhaps something more sinister.

Who knows…..


Damn you TIME Magazine. If you had only put that one missing letter in there. Now we’ll never know what Jon Stewart actually said.

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to “TIME Magazine” Thinks We’re Stoooopid……

  1. Fuck! That’s beautiful!! 😀

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