Hef's comfort zone......um.....mine too

Hef’s comfort zone……um…..mine too

As you may recall, or not, (see MW blog of 10/15/15 in my archives) I wrote a blog about Playboy Magazine which plans to discontinue nudity beginning next March.

First of all, many of today’s generation may say to themselves, “Yeah, so what? I can see all the nudity I want on da Internet pal.”


Also known, in Internet terms, as “Not tonight dear, I have a cyber headache.”

Yes, that’s true. And while Playboy has other features in their magazine other than nudity, such as magnificent in-depth articles, great sections like “Raw Data,” “The Playboy Forum,” “The Playboy Advisor,” interviews with well renowned people including celebrities, a long list of contributing cartoonists, and sometimes advertising that really catches your eye.

So, all that said, which I just did, what will make Playboy without nudity, not porno, but classic refined photographic nudity different from any other men’s magazine? Such as Maxim, or Esquire to name two.

The answer simply put…..NOTHING.

Before and after....

Before and after….

When you compare similar magazines, such as Hustler or Penthouse, there’s no comparison. Playboy had, or, presently “has,” class. Nudity was presented in a classy manner. No trash as in other men’s magazines.

So, why does it bother me that Playboy is dumping nudity?

Because, it will become just another “mens magazine.”

Yes, the articles are great, along with everything else, but reading it will be like buying a Corvette with Volkswagen engine.

I love chocolate chip cookies, but eliminate the chocolate chips and all ya got is a cookie. Eliminate the nudity and you have a magazine void of its heritage. It will be missing its heart. What made Playboy tick in the first place.

To make my point.....

To make my point…..

Consider this…………..when I was a teenager if I wanted to see a naked woman, sure, I ripped off a copy of Playboy Magazine. Yep….took it to the bathroom on occasion and got some self-satisfaction. Guess what, I’m still alive, haven’t gone blind, or have gnarled hand either.

Try taking your laptop or iPhone into the bathroom kiddies and do the same today…if ya can get thru the pop up ads and can manipulate the screen without making a mess.

Now, to me, losing a part of what was Playboy’s main attraction at their inception (nudity) after close to 60 some odd years of success seems to me like a death knoll for Playboy.

Not that nudity is what people bought or subscribed to Playboy for, but because it WAS truly a men’s magazine, nudity included, and to eliminate that part of the magazine, Playboy will be losing something very valuable. Their identity. Who they are. Why they were different from other similar magazines. And how they began…….with Marilyn Monroe.MM1953cover

Marilyn from the 1953 issue of Playboy

Marilyn from the 1953 issue of Playboy

The “heart” of Playboy Magazine IS nudity. It’s what made them.

And from that they evolved into a high-class cutting edge publication.

So, we men, slugs that we are, including myself, could read the articles, (really) the letters people send in, (really) the interviews, (really) scan the sometimes interesting features on new products and even some of the ads, (really) and everything else worth reading, and as we thumb through the magazine, yep, take a break and admire the beautiful women. (REALLY)

Now I personally subscribe to Playboy. Will I renew my subscription? Depends. If it turns out to be just another “mens magazine” there ARE other options.

Yes, the Internet if I so desire to view nudity. But, I usually don’t. I felt comfortable reading Playboy as I do every other magazine in the bathroom. My comfort zone for reading stuff uninterrupted. I DON’T feel comfortable surfing the Internet for nudity. Playboy was just fine as far as I was concerned.



So, where am I going with this. Other than to the bathroom.

I’m gonna make a prediction that Playboy Magazine is going to see a drop in subscribers beginning in March of next year I may be one of them. Again….depends. (not the kind you wear either)

Think of it this way.

Watching the movie “The Piano,” “The English Patient” or “Eyes Wide Shut” without nudity.

Or if Amy Schumer and Lewis Black said they weren’t going to use profanity in their acts anymore.

Or if “Two Broke Girls” said they were not going to allow Sophie to show cleavage.

Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie) from "Two broke Girls."

Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie) from “Two broke Girls.”

Or if MisfitWisdom (yours truly) wrote serious stuff instead of this nonsense.

Um……er……like THAT’S EVER gonna happen. Maybe that last one wasn’t a good example. BUT….you get the point.

(to be continued next March when the Playboy subscription stats are in)

The bright spot in all this………I’ve saved all my Playboy’s jussssssst in case.hoarding2

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Playboy Magazine Axes Nudes……Part II

  1. katydidknot says:

    I think it’s clearly a sign of how much trouble the magazine industry is in. It’s a Hail mary pass, but I’m not sure what the play is. Who do they think they are going to GAIN as subscribers if they turn into GQ?

  2. misfit120 says:

    Agree. Its bad enough that newspapers are feeling the loss of subscribers in “print” form due to the Internet. As I said, nudity was what made Playboy in the first place. We will see the results of their decision after next March when they stop that attraction. Thanks Katy.

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