Thanksgiving 2015….”The Bird Is The Word.”


Well here it is another Thanksgiving. Time flies so fast when you’re a turkey. Before I go on with my traditional Thanksgiving nonsense, let us pause for a moment and think of those who really don’t give a rats ass about Thanksgiving…………………..

Oh well, ya can’t please everybody…………..

In this day and age it’s not uncommon for turkeys to have their own Facebook page………….tgsv5

This would explain why…………

tgsv2And, we should REALLY thank Squanto who helped the Pilgrims grow food and helped them survive that very first year in Plymouth Colony. Thanks Squanto.tgsv6

And due to the heightened security all over the world this year………’s always a good if ya have a relative who works for the TSA………tgsv4Of course right after Thanksgiving comes the “Holiday Season.” (politically correct term for those of you who freak out at the mention of the word “Christmas”)  This year Santa got into things a bit early……………….tgsv7In Florida, just to be on the safe side, turkeys have taken further measures to insure their safety………….which really won’t be hard to pull off in Florida considering half the people there are seniors over 70 with vary bad eyesight.tgsv8
Even celebrities celebrate Thanksgiving. For instance, as in this “shining” moment, at Jack Nicholson’s house.tgsv3Ever wonder why men love turkeys so much. And not only on Thanksgiving………….



The tradition of Thanksgiving of course goes back to the days of the Pilgrims. If it wasn’t for the Indians, (not the Cleveland ones) we’d never know how to stuff a turkey……although we DID have our own idea’s on how to stuff one.tgsv11
Squanto had a sense of humor………….
Ever wonder where the idea of a “pop-up timer” for turkeys came from? Welllll one day long ago Frank Perdue was sitting in a bar when a turkey sat down next to him and……………..


If you didn’t catch that one, then obviously you haven’t seen a photo of Frank Perdue.

I rest my case.......

I rest my case…….

Taking advantage of the number of turkeys that go missing this time of the year,  female turkeys, unhappy with their marriages take advantage of the holiday.


I myself feel great remorse when it comes to eating a turkey. I firmly believe that all creatures deserve to live and not be eaten. Um, but I eat them anyhow. As long as they don’t look like what they looked like when they were alive. Same goes for shrimp and lobsters.

I also suspect if alien life does exist on other planets, we never discover one inhabited by turkeys.


And the astronaut exploring distant planets was never heard from again

So my fine feathered friends, (turkeys included) have a Happy Thanksgiving from MisfitWisdom and one final thought. You know how that old saying goes about how after eating turkey it makes you sleepy. Well don’t overdo it guys……ya never know when you might just wanna be at your best Myles Standish.

Just sayin'

Just sayin’

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