WARNING: Jalapeno’s Can Make You Violent.


Being of Italian heritage I absolutely love anything that’s hot and spicy. Yes, before you say it, that also includes women.

But, this is NOT about hot and spicy women today, but about jalapeno peppers. Which apparently can cause you to go ballistic and do things that normal people would not do.

Not that “I” have ever done anything violent after eating a jalapeno pepper, unless you count the number of times I’ve bolted to the bathroom after woofing down quite a few of them with my butt on fire.jala1

But, apparently jalapeno peppers, combined with bacon and macaroni CAN cause others to lose it. Big time!

Such was the case when Luke Gatti, 19, of  Bayville, New York completely lost it on October 4th and went into a tirade at the University of Connecticut’s student union and was charged with breach of peace. Or….breach of jalapeno. Whatever.

According to a news report by “The Hartford Courant,” Gatti will appear in Hartford Superior court on Monday to face charges that also included first-degree criminal trespass with regard to the jalapeno incident.

I guess you could call it, “assault and jalapeno.”

Further proof that eating or craving jalapeno peppers can make you do nutso things. Like lose it in front of a lot of people who have cameras and decide to film your tirade and then post it on You Tube and then, yes….then…..have bloggers like myself not only write a blog about it, but also post that YouTube video.


Along with people going bonkers

Is this kid gonna be famous or what!

In living color and with all the “F” words included, (cover little children’s ears) here’s the actual video of the jalapeno bacon incident. I might add that the tipping point, so to speak, was at about 6:14 into the video when Gatti pushed the manager who was attempting to calm the kid down. (not for the faint of heart)

So, besides the point that Gatti may have had a bit too much firewater to drink, further proof that jalapeno bacon sandwich cravings can make you do strange things. Gawd knows what this kid would have done if he actually ate that sandwich.jala3

Gatti has since applied for accelerated rehabilitation. Which I guess means he must seek out rehab counseling and stay away from any jalapenos, or at least opt for home delivery.

According to the “Courant,” “when a defendant applies for accelerated rehabilitation, the court file is sealed. Gatti will have certain conditions to meet if his application into the program for first time offenders is accepted. They can include community service or getting counseling, according to state law.”

So now, all because he was pissed off no one would serve him a jalapeno bacon and macaroni sandwich, he’s got to go into rehab. Oh, and using all those “F” words and shoving the manager….that too.

I can see where this is all going. The kid got his 15 minutes of jalapeno fame on YouTube. Next, possibly an appearance on some late night TV show where he demonstrates how to eat a jalapeno bacon sandwich and go berserk in front of the cameras. And then, pushes the host off of the stage.jala5

SEE folks. It doesn’t take much to get your 15 minutes of fame. Just go jalapeno commando.

Oh….and don’t forget the bacon and macaroni.

Then again, wasn’t it yours truly who went berserk over not getting chocolate on my lemon filled Krispy Kreme donut.

HEY! Where TF is MY 15 minutes of fame ya damn idiots?

Oops…..does this mean “I” have to go into accelerated rehabilitation too?

Soreeeee……………..for my outburst.sorry1

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2 Responses to WARNING: Jalapeno’s Can Make You Violent.

  1. Apparently I don’t like jalapeños as much as I thought I did!! Thanks for the disclaimer about the post NOT being about hot and spicy women. Or else I would’ve been completely lost! 😉

    • misfit120 says:

      I would have preferred it to be about hot and spicy women, but, at my age the only hot and spicy things I get close to are those jalapeno peppers. Then again, given the choice, I’d go with the hot and spicy women. Some habits are hard to break.: )

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