The “Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.”*

*Subtitled: “Does Anybody at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Have A Freakin’ Clue?”


WHY you so foolishly ask? Well I’ll tell ya, considering you were going to ask anyhow.

First of all, THIS post on Facebook by DJ Jack Rivers from WNRI Radio in Woonsocket, R.I., who, you can listen to via the Internet at WWW.WNRI.COM Great show and a great DJ.

Here’s the image he posted that caught my bloodshot eye…or eyes.R&R Hall of fameHence and forsooth why Jack, myself and many others call the R&R Hall of Fame, the “Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.” BECAUSE all of the above artists have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

We’re talkin’ about artists that have been around for eons. Cripes, Bill Haley and the Comets was the very first act I saw as a kid back in 1956.


For the record, they’re NOT talkin’ about Rush Limbaugh

Soooo, WTF is wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture, so to speak, which I just did, is that the board Chairman, William W. Rowley, (who?) and the Board of Trustees, which I guess trusts things, do not have a freakin’ clue when it comes to who deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Now this is a bit tedious reading, but to prove my point, here’s who’s on the board of trustees: (tell me if you can spot anyone on this list who might have some insight into WTF rock and roll music is all about)

Chairman William W. Rowley: President and owner of Mercury Plastics. (um….guess that qualifies him as old R & R records were made out of plastic)


Ronald Berkman: President of Cleveland State University. (oops….gotta have someone from Cleveland on that board)

Anne Doris: Vice President and General Manager for Cox Communications in Cleveland. 22 years old with a Bachelor of Arts degree. (hmmmm, 22 years old and surely an expert on 0ld time rock and roll….ya think?)R&R3

Rona Elliot: A rock journalist who has covered events at Woodstock, the Live Aid Concert, and Billy Joel in the USSR. AND VH1’s first anchor. (so like Rona, what’s with you not convincing these other dweebs the above named artists are long overdue to be inducted?)

Gordon Gee: President of Ohio State University, among others, AND, author and co-author 0f numerous publications on law and education. (Gee Mr. Gee, with that background in rock and roll (law) when it comes time to induct “The Bobby Fuller Four” for their hit song, “I Fought The Law” they’ll be a shoe in)

Rochelle Gross: Holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is currently serving on the parent council at Miami University and the Community Planning Committee at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland as well as on the Board of Trustees at Bellefaire (?) AND a life trustee at Agnon School. (being a “trustee” obviously gives her great insight into choosing who should be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame….ya think)


By the time some of these artists make it to the Hall of Fame this is what they’ll look like….IF they’re still alive that is

Jon J, Pinney: A corporate lawyer and a business litigator. (how does this qualify him to make R&R decisions you ask) Because “Super Lawyers Magazine”  has consistently named him as a “Rising Star.” (sounds like good rock and roll credentials to me)

Neil Sethi: (His rock and roll expertise?) Wellllllll, Neil has a diverse background in business development and currently serves as President of “Transtar Distribution Group  at “Transtar Industries, Inc.,” the leading global distributor of transmission parts for the automotive aftermarket repair industry. (perfect if there’s EVER a hall of fame museum for classic rock group tour busses)

Michael D. Siegal: (this should do it for ya) Michael is Chairman and CEO of “Olympic Steel. (which qualifies him to decide who gets inducted because………obviously a lot of rock and roll groups use “steel” guitars. Makes sense to me)

Jamie Siegal: (don’t ask. I have no idea if Jamie is related to Michael) Jamie is the (oh my) “Senior Intellectual Property Council for Sony Corporation of America.” Jamie’s expertise…….international strategic alliances, licensing practices and patent pools. (and we all know how important strategic alliances, licensing practices and patent pools are when it comes to deciding if Lesley Gore or Freddy Cannon get voted into the hall of fame….duh)

I know this is a bit tedious reading, but bear with me here. I’m attempting to make a point here folks.


There is no next one….so keep on reading pal….

John Sinnenberg: CEO of “Key Principal Partners.” (um….waaaaay too many of “worked at, CEO of and member of” in this guy’s resume that has nothing to do with the music industry other than he has a Bachelor of Arts. Which I guess qualifies him if ya consider rock and roll music “arts” or whatever. Who knows.

Bryan Weidmeler: Executive Vice President (no relation to Joe Biden) Business Operations for the Cleveland Browns. (OMG! the Cleveland Browns. The SAME Cleveland Browns who sang “The Three Bells” and “Little Jimmy Brown!!!!!” OMG!!!)

Um….WAIT! I think that’s wrong. The Browns aren’t from Cleveland. RATS!

Jim Ed Brown and his sisters Maxine, Laverne and Shirley and…….no, sorry, that’s Jim Ed Brown and his sisters Maxine, and Bonnie. Not from Cleveland. DAMN! I thought for a minute I could cut Bryan some slack here. The Browns are from Pine Bluff, Arkansas AND, no thanks to all those above name music aficionados, were inducted into of the “Country Music Hall of Fame.”

OMG Laverne....he mentioned us in this blog!!!

OMG Laverne….he mentioned us in this blog!!!

NOW….compare the musical credentials of the” Country Music Hall of Fame” with a look at just a sampling of who is on the board there: “Warner Music, Country Radio Specialists, Universal Music Group, KP Entertainment, Patricia Joseph Music, Smack Songs, Sirius XM Radio, Endeavor Entertainment, Country Music Television, Peer Music, and Joes Bar.

Honest….that last one is actually on the CMT board. Honest. Along with stars Kix Brooks (Brooks & Dunn) and  singer Luke Bryan.joes bar

My point….FINALLY!!! Do the words “music” “entertainment” “radio” and “songs” pop out at you reading some of the people on the Country Music Hall of Fame board. Compared to the R & R Hall of Fame list of “Bachelor of Science” holders, “CEO’s,” and plastic manufacturers? Do they punk.

So, in conclusion…thank you for bearing with me on this tedious blog explaining why the above named artists are STILL not in the R & R Hall of Fame.

Because it’s like having Martha Stewart, Julia Child, Dear Abby and Honey (freakin) Boo Boo decide baseball’s most valuable player. That’s why.

I restith my case with………………..what I personally think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame board members spend their time doing rather than inducting artists that truly deserve that honor……………playing with their…………..

None of whom are in the R & R Hall of Fame

None of whom are in the R & R Hall of Fame

Just sayin.’

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6 Responses to The “Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.”*

  1. katydidknot says:

    Great post, indeed.

    I have no respect for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Its founder, Jann Wenner, said he didn’t like progressive rock and, sure enough, seems to have made sure prog rockers were slow to get in or else didn’t get in at all.

    How does he exert so much influence? Your guess is as good as mine.

    How about asking why brian Eno isn’t in for his work as a producer? he produced the most influential albums of the past 40 years, including classic cutting edge stuff for Bowie, U2, DEVO, and Talking Heads (all of whom are in as artists for the work he produced for them!).

    The hell with it. The artists I respect – Van Morrison, Roger Waters, etc. – didn’t bother showing up for their inductions.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Well put Katy. I agree with you 100%. As far as I’m concerned the Hall of Fame is a farce. Example…(yet another one) in baseball sports writers get to vote on players. Because they have a CLUE. Those CEO’s, Bachelor of Whatever geeks on the R&R board do not have a clue. Go figure.

  3. OboeJoe says:

    Not to contradict our soon-to-be Alien Overlords, but Kiss was inducted into the RRHoF in 2014.

    I’m new to your blog and have to say that whenever I’m notified that there is a new post, it brightens my day. Thank you for filling the need in my life for a curmudgeon humorist!

    • misfit120 says:

      Thanks Joe…….with regard to KISS, I knew they had been inducted last year but went with the cartoon anyhow figuring you and others would figure out aliens are on a different time zone than us humans and most likely are a time zone, or year behind us. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. From one curmudgeon to another.. : )

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