So this is what the big news revelation was this week:

“Processed meat is making headlines now that the World Health Organization has declared that it causes cancer.

In a statement released Monday, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research division of the World Health Organization, announced that it is classifying processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen to humans — a group that also includes smoking tobacco and asbestos exposure.

The IARC also labeled red meat as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” meaning it is likely to cause cancer as well.”

Which led me to say to myself….WTF?

NOW! NOW! After all the years I’ve been eating dead processed animals, NOW they tell me I shouldn’t be eating them. What’s next……Twinkies and Hostess Cup Cakes? Worse……PIZZA!!!!!!!!!


What’s the worst that could happen to me from eating processed foods?

OK....besides this......

OK….besides this……

Anyhow, after I calmed down after hearing that distressing news all over the various news media outlets screaming gloom and doom if we continue to eat processed meat, I kinda shrugged it all off.

Ya see, I tend to take all this news reporting stuff with a grain of salt. LOTS OF GRAINS OF SALT……if ya catch my drift here.pmeat4

Do you actually think “I’M” gonna stop eating processed foods. Or red meat. Um, not that I eat red meat, so to speak, as it is, because I personally tend to cremate everything (meat) that I eat.

Which includes, hamburgers, hot dogs, regular (processed) hamburger, chicken, whatever was alive at one time and roamed the Earth freely before we killed it and did whatever we did to it to make it “processed meat.”

If it hasn’t killed me by now after all of the years I’ve been scarfing down all that food……my thinking…..F**K IT!”

And……let this sink into your processed food brains.

Do ya ever see a crow, seagull or any other bird or animal suffering from eating red meat after they’ve digested what is commonly referred to as “road kill.” Do ya punk?

And they eat it raw pal!!!!pmeat12

How many rehab centers do ya see for animals suffering from some Gawd awful disease from eating road kill? NONE!

And ME….I cook MY food. So there! And it’s processed!

If its ok for crows, seagulls and other animals to eat food that’s “NOT PROCESSED” and, by the way, dead and fermenting after lying in the hot sun, I should worry about “processed” food. I thinkith not.

Do ya think I walk into a restaurant, um, strike that, I can’t afford restaurants, unless we’re referring to McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and Subway.

And a vanilla shake......

And a vanilla shake……

Anyhow, with THOSE places in mind, do ya think I walk into them and say, “Um, excuse me, is there a warning label on those hamburgers? Is that meat there that looks really delicious, processed? Um, was that meat “red” at one time or another?”

Considering most meat comes from animals that were alive at one time I think I answered that last question.

Look folks…….stick around long enough and someone, somewhere, most likely a demented scientist with a lot of time on his hands is gonna come out with some research that something is bad for us.



Am “I” gonna worry about all this stuff? NO!

Are “YOU” gonna worry about all this stuff?

Well if ya do…..I have one suggestion for ya……………


One suggestion….but…..


At least till a new report comes out that eating grass, (not the Tijuana Gold type) is bad for you.


Maybe that’s not a bad idea come to think of it.

Going on a strictly Tijuana Gold Grass eating regimen.

Won’t fill you up, or be as tasty, but after eating that………..ya think you’re really gonna care……….if ya catch my drift Cheech…..or Chong.

Heeeey man.....da guy is right dude....this IS better than real

Heeeey man…..da guy is right dude….screw worrying about food…..

Just sayin.’

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  1. katydidknot says:

    I have tried to cut out meat – processed or otherwise – before, but it’s tough.

    Being a vegetarian is time-consuming. Preparing food is so much harder than just grabbing whatever is handy.

    Being a vegan would be even harder, since so much of my time would have to be spent telling everyone I’m a vegan.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Katy, Steven Colbert on the Late Show did a funny bit on vegan food on I think his Oct. 27th nightly show. If you have on demand, go to the late show and check for the night he had Hillary Clinton as his guest. That was the one you should watch on vegan food.

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