Total Eclipse of the Heart………WAIT!!!! I Meant Moon!


Soreeeee. I was thinking of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart” song. Which almost is as long in playing time as I spent outdoors last night watching the total eclipse and hoping that a stray skunk didn’t have the same idea.

Anyhow, like a gazillion other people who don’t have lives to speak of, my other half and I ventured out into the darkness to watch the spectacular event. Well, at least SHE thought it was spectacular

I kinda ho hummed the event as the following photos is what my $4.99 cent camera was able to capture.

Considering we’re only a mere 238,900 miles from the moon, as the crow flys, I think I got my $4.99 cents worth.
First pic the early stages of the eclipse:


Ho hum………….
Second pic, the moon starts to disappear.moon3
Ho hum….not fast enough if ya ask me. Too bad some brainiac couldn’t have figured out a way to insert commercials during this event. Hell, aren’t there commercials everywhere!
Third pic, and my final one, the so-called, “blood moon” when it’s just about all covered, it’s realllllll dark, and muggers and pervs come out and beat the livin’ crap outta you. Hence the term, “blood moon.”moon4

So, was I impressed?  Well, not really considering it’s not like you could get up real close to see things. Like sitting in the nose bleed section of an arena watching a concert.

BUT…….then it happened, I DID see something in last night’s eclipse that really impressed me. So it was all worth it?

Yep….the crack of the moon during the final phase of the lunar eclipse.

The moon mooning everyone

The moon mooning everyone

Which strengthens my theory that there IS a man in the moon….or, a woman. WAS a woman.....

OK…it WAS a woman…..

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Total Eclipse of the Heart………WAIT!!!! I Meant Moon!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I live in the big city, so we can’t ever see anything in the sky at all. City lights and all.

    If I can catch a glimpse of a star once a year, we must be having some really clear nights.

    It was also overcast the night of the blood moon.

    Maybe next time, I guess. Until then, thanks for the pics!

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