WHAT! Ya Mean These Things Are NOT True!!!! OMFG!!!!!!

Listen to the cat folks

Listen to the cat folks

Yep, when I’m extremely bored, ya know you’re gonna get a stupid blog.

And here it is from a site that posted these facts about….(see pic below)

The author of this site is Igor Derysh, and you can find him on Twitter at @igorderysh

His comments are in quotes and mine are not.


Noah’s Ark
“Upwards of 60% of Americans believe in the story of Noah’s Ark, word by word. Meaning that more than half of this country believes that a guy built an ark, put all of the world’s animals in there (including all of the fish and sea creatures), told them not to kill each other, fed them who-knows-what during the flood, and then put each animal (and dinosaur?) in the specific climate in which they would prosper (and didn’t put any apes on the north pole just to screw with people).”

Hmmm. Makes sense to me. Although I’ve often wondered that same thing about the fish. And animals not eating each other. HEY! Ever own a gerbil?

Guess that explains things

Guess that explains things


“More than half of Americans believe that the “prophecies of The Book of Revelations,” including the idea that we will have a “rapture” and Jesus will return to take the faithful.  Meanwhile, atheists pray (pun intended) that the “Faithful” are right, and that they will disappear and get out of the way of humanity’s progress.”

Nope……I’m NOT gonna touch this one with a ten foot pole. Only because I consistently pray to the Big Guy to hit the lottery. So jussssst in case I’m NOT gonna screw up my chances of someday hitting the big one.

Then again......

Then again……

Creation/Humans and Dinosaursdinosaurs1

“Around half of the people in the United States believe that God created earth somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. They believe this despite the fact that they receive an education (except in Kansas) that continually explains to them evolution, and the age of the earth. Why even go to school if you don’t believe the multiplication table.”

There’s a multiplication table? Go figure.

“The juiciest part of this belief is the explanation for dinosaur bones -“God” put the dinosaur fossils in Earth to test our faith.”  Yup, and he put “young boys” to test his Priests celibacy.”

Wonder how that worked out? Or, to quote that famous female philosopher, Sarah Palin, “How that workin’ out for ya.”

Anyhow, my theory on how GOD made snakes

Anyhow, my theory on how GOD made snakes

New Testament, Old Testament

“To put all of this in perspective, around half of Americans do not know that Judaism came before Christianity. So, despite the fact that Jesus was a Jew, nearly half of Americans believe that Christianity is older than Judeism. As Bill Maher put it, “half of Americans look at the Old Testament and the New Testament and do not know which came first.”

Um, is there an in-between testament? Might be worth looking into.

Where's Kim Davis when ya need her?

Where’s Kim Davis when ya need her?


“One-third of all Democrats in the United States believe that George Bush helped plan or at least knew all about the attack on the World Trade Center before September 11.
This would mean that numerous other people and the people that planned the attack also know this and are not saying anything. So countless people from within the Administration revealed the faulty Iraq intelligence and torture but not one person has disclosed the fact that the President committed the single worst crime that the United States has ever seen.”

Look, Bush wasn’t the brightest light bulb in the pack, but I agree with the author that this theory is BS. Now if ya told me Bush couldn’t spell, I’d believe THaT before this theory. After all, he did once say he wanted to “recordificate” something.


Check the pimento


“Similarly, one-third of Republicans believe that despite the fact that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is on file in Hawaii, that he was actually born in Kenya.  Really? So the The “Powers That Be” had an evil plan to set up an election, and then decided to get a guy from Kenya to become President as opposed to say simply going with someone from the United States?  Odd.”

Yep…the loony toons are still out there. Like the guy the other night during a Trump question and answer session stood up and made a complete buffoon out of himself. Geez….everyone know Obama is Irish for cripes sake.

The Donald's red nose gave him away

The Donald’s red nose gave him away

Obama is a Muslim

“Ten percent of Americans, and more than 20% of Americans in Texas, as well as all the  Rascists in both Texas and Florida, believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim.
This belief would almost be okay if those same people did not get on Obama about his radical Christian preacher whose church he attended for ten years.  So what is it – Christina w/ a racist preacher or Muslim with a racist complainer?”

Again….the guy in the Trump video. Standing next to UFO aliens….I think.

“It is not officially known how many Americans believe in The Illuminati as the official “New World Order”, pollsters cannot read their minds through their tin foil hats.
What we do know, is that there are millions of people who believe that a cartel of very rich and powerful people control the entire world, using world leaders as puppets. Some even believe that the Illuminati are an alien Lizard race – and that George Bush is one of them!  . . .and you thought the visitors were our friends.”

(checking my backyard for lizards)lizard1


“Despite the existence of these silly little things called facts, more than 30% of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was directly behind the September 11 attacks. In other news, more than 30% of Americans haven’t picked up a newspaper in the last five years. . .and if they did, who knows if they could read anyway?”

HEY! I cn reed ya damn ideot….ya think I’m dumb or something. Um….what’s a nudespaper?

DAMN! And it was a collect call too.

DAMN! And it was a collect call too.

Fake Moon Landing
“Around 10% of people believe that the moon landing was staged, and another 20% have doubts that we actually went to the moon.
Have you seen the special effects in pre-Star Wars films? Do you really think a non-George Lucas run government could have pulled something like that off?”

Hmmmm. Well Igor ol pal, I gotta challenge ya on this one. I saw that documentary on Tv a while ago and it proved we never went to the moon. And neither did Alice Cramden. Watch it and THEN tell me we went to the moon why don’t ya. I dare ya.

It’s called, “Capricorn One.” So there smarty pants.

"Capricorn One" A true documentary...um.....I think.

“Capricorn One” A true documentary…um…..I think.

Just sayin.

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2 Responses to WHAT! Ya Mean These Things Are NOT True!!!! OMFG!!!!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    It’s fun to believe crazy stuff, though! I read conspiracy books all the time. Unfortunately, I don’t believe anything. At all.

    I went and got a Masters in Theology, hoping they could brainwash me into believing crazy stuff, so I could see what it was like. Unfortunately, it was a Catholic seminary and they said that a lot of these stories were just old myths (they wouldn’t say which ones, really).

    Maybe I should have gone somewhere more hardcore. I’ve heard the Baptists take things a good deal more literally.

    • misfit120 says:

      I’m not a big conspiracy fan either Katy, but I have to admit I do follow one very closely because there are too many inconsistencies in all the official reports I have read since 1964. Yep, the Kennedy assassination. If I’ve ever read anything more in my life it was on that subject. So I’m kind of an expert on that subject and can take on any Internet troll who wishes to challenge me. Other than that, as my header sez…DILLIGARA.

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