HEY! If Ya Like Donald Trump, Here’s Some Other Suggestions For Presidential Candidates


Ok, here’s my theory on Donald Trump folks. Why is he “presently” leading in the polls?

Simple, he’s a celebrity. People are into celebrities, reality shows, and celebrities who don’t give a rats ass about who they offend, what they say. Makes for great entertainment, but, would YOU want THIS guy’s finger on the nuclear button?trump12

OK…OK……one last look at Donald’s biggest source of encouragement…….


Um…just repeat it one more time dear……

So, I have some better options for ya. Considering it doesn’t matter what a politicians policy is but, rather, how entertaining he can be. As in The Donald’s case.

Sooooo, here are my choices, maybe yours too, IF, you also don’t give a rats ass about policies, or platforms, or nuclear stuff, jussssst as long as the candidate is entertaining.


Be afraid….be verrrry afraid

Good ol Phil Robertson, (“Duck Dynasty”) would be a perfect candidate to take on anyone who disagrees with his administration. And who the hell is gonna question HIS birth certificate while he’s carrying that big gun.


Ya want a piece of me motherf**ker

If ya want a candidate for president who will be totally tone deaf to Congress, here’s your guy.


Blah, blah, blah Congress. Now get outta my face

Another favorite that might make it in a presidential debate would be none other than Rush Limburgercheese. Hey…..he’d get the slut vote considering how much time he’s spent talking about sluts. Which I think, according to Rush, is ANY woman who is on birth control and public assistance.



And HE was an immigrant too Rush. Go figure.

The first woman presidential candidate. OMG!  Why not Kim Kardashian. She has a LOT to offer. As seen in this photo.



Butt I’m smart too

And if you’re looking for a “Family Guy” (Peter Griffin) who you could trust with his hand on the nuclear button, here ya go…………….



Hmmmm. Wonder what that button does.

In dealing with terrorists, that Kimmy guy over in North Korea, and ISIS, what butter guy to kick butt, (sorry Kim) than Danny Trejo.


What you lookin’ at punk…..

For VP, jusssssst is case Danny does get the Presidency, ya really gotta have someone with killer looks, a great body, can also kick ass, but has a way with women. That would be Jason Statham.


Don’t worry Danny….I got this under control

But, now that I’ve give you all the most popular candidates that I personally think would appeal to today’s reality show minded voter, here’s MY choice for President…………

Steven Colbert folks……………………………………



And……he DOES have a platform and political motto that will appeal to just about everyone……………………



Ya gotta love an honest guy

And he’s sooooo smart. Just look at these words of wisdom……………



Would make a great President

AND…….how bad can this guy be if he loves cats………………



So folks, there ya have it. Your choice. Remember to write in Steven’s name on the ballot in 2016. Or, if you’re really brain dead and were considering Donald Trump, at least give some of the others I listed here a shot. Or not.


A tip of the hat and a wag of the tail Misfit….thanks.

You’re welcome Steven……………


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2 Responses to HEY! If Ya Like Donald Trump, Here’s Some Other Suggestions For Presidential Candidates

  1. katydidknot says:

    Any of those people would be better than Trump, including Limbaugh.

  2. misfit120 says:

    LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katy…..wash your mouth out with soap! OK…I like you….use Pepsi. : )

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